The Democrats’ hiding recession

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If I was a Democrat, which I once was when the Democratic Party still had giants like Scoop Jackson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Hubert Humphrey, I’d demand better political pundits. Since the night of President Trump’s election, Democrats, especially those idiots in the media, have been predicting a stock market crash, a great recession or both.

Back in the early days right after the stunning Trump victory, Democrats have been waiting for (or demanding) his impeachment. Democrats have predicted President Trump’s demise more times than they predicted Hillary Clinton’s historic shattering of the ultimate glass ceiling. How many more times must we put up with these idiots’ predictions? It’s getting to the point where I just tune them out.

Finally, this article is a nice first step in countering the Democrats’ lies. Written by Madison Gesiotto, “who serves with the advisory board of the Donald Trump campaign”, it highlights how many times ‘the experts’ have predicted incorrectly:

As the country awoke to the news of his victory as president, the stock market rocketed upwards, yet liberal economist Paul Krugman inexplicably prophesied in the New York Times that we were probably facing a “global recession” with no end in sight. Less than a week later, he wrote about an impending “Trump slump.” Krugman was not alone. Matt Krantz of USA Today thought a recession was on the way because Trump is a Republican president, and that was before Trump even took office.

I’m surprised that these Democrats haven’t figured things out yet. The same media people who predicted that President Trump would be impeached are the people who predicted that President was a racist. One Democrat after another thinks that the Trump Recession is right around the corner.

Adding to that list, let’s remember that Elizabeth Warren has, according to Melissa Francis, “predicted 25 of the last 2 recessions.” Francis was assigned to Warren when Francis worked at CNBC. BTW, Elizabeth Warren is a capitalist — on a personal level:

When she says “the system” works well for the 1%, she’d know. She’s part of that 1%. That’s proof that she’s part of what I’d call the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do progressives.

The bottom line is simple. When it comes to talking economics, Democrat pundits don’t know what they’re talking about. Ditto with Democrat politicians.