Enough with the euphemisms

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Monday night on Hannity, Hannity interviewed Lawrence Jones and Allie Beth Stuckey about why young people aren’t as patriotic as they used to be. Lawrence immediately and without hesitation said that it’s the result of indoctrination on college campuses:

There’s little doubt that college professors push their political beliefs onto students on a daily basis. Still, I’d like to see Republicans master the art of pushing the Democrats’ buttons in communications.

Indoctrination is too soft of a word for what happens altogether too often in college classrooms. What happens altogether too often there is Democrat activists bully their students, then threaten those students into giving the answers that their professors instruct them to give — even if it’s the wrong answer. Further, the other thing that happens in those classrooms is full-throated intimidation.

There’s a simple way of stopping these threats, intimidation and bullying. Some of these students need to capture on film forever their professors in the act, then use that video to threaten lawsuits against these hostile, partisan professors. The best part is that these students don’t need to win their lawsuits, though that’d be fantastic.

From an administrator’s standpoint, just the thought of a lawsuit is enough to inject fear in these universities’ administrators hearts, if they still have hearts. The thought of word getting out that their university is intimidating students is enough to tell prospective students’ parents that their son or daughter can find a better university.

Nothing pushes positive change as quickly as the possibility of a major lawsuit hanging over a university’s head and ruining that university’s reputation. Universities understand that lawsuits push enrollment down. They also ruin universities’ credibility. Once those universities lose their credibility, it’s virtually impossible to get it back.

Indoctrination is too gentle of a word to use in these situations. Using edgier words like bullying, intimidation and threats are the right words to effect positive change in campuses’ environment.

Finally, when dealing with bullies, the best weapons are sharp words and threats of lawsuits. Bullies back down when they understand that they’ve got skin in the game.