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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Germany is selling 30-year bonds with negative rates. You pay the government to hold your money, betting they’ll be willing to give back some of it, in the future.
This is like Guido saying “That’s a nice nest egg you got there. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it. I’ll just hold onto it for you, you know, to protect it, like insurance.”
How is it possible that in a world of 7 billion people there are absolutely no worthwhile Investments?
I suspect it’s because people only invest when they believe there’s a reasonable prospect of getting a return in the future. And the future right now is chaotic, because all of the fundamentals – security of property, property rights, profit, order, rule of law – are being overturned by the revolutionary socialists who want to spread the wealth, your wealth.
Negative Bond. A losing investment. S***, I’ve got plenty of them. Why send my money to Germany? I can lose money right here at home.
Although now that I think about it . . . in the olden days, investors paid a premium to buy government bonds because they were safe, even though the investor would have to wait years to start making money. With a negative bond, will investors demand a discount to buy the bonds so they can start losing money sooner?
And can I bundle a bunch of negative interest bonds, then sell derivatives to investors so they could take the losses as a set-off to income and thereby reduce their income tax? Hmmm, this could be a whole new business opportunity.
Joe Doakes

The free market will eventually figure things out – provided government doesn’t throw a wrench in it all over political expediency…


#MeToo, indeed.

Seems a Democrat activist did, in fact, what the Dems have spent the past three years condemning the President for *talking* about – not *actually* doing, mind you – while being surreptitiously filmed. A female GOP volunteer was sexually assaulted by a Democrat while working at the GOP booth.

So…all sexual harassment, to say nothing of assault, *isn’t* wrong?

#BelieveAccusers, indeed.

The attacker was a woman who was taking part in an organized demonstration at the GOP booth, by the way – one of an organized throng of goons who bum-rushed the booth yelling “F**k Trump”.

They – a half dozen guys – also harassed the three women, including Chair Carnahan, who were busy closing up the booth last night. Ever notice how it’s always throngs of male goons attacking women, alone or in small groups (like the “Anti”-Fa thugs who teamed up on Preya Samsundar two years ago)?

#Toxic#Masculinity” indeed (or, more likely, proof that “toxic” masculinity isn’t “masculine” at all).

Berg’s Seventh Law is universal and omnipresent.

While I want to respect the victim’s privacy, I hope the video comes out.

I got a chance to interview, Chairwoman Carnahan on my show Saturda. She pointed out that she got all sorts of craven catcalling when she visited the DFL booth – whereas the DFL’s chair, Ken Martin, was treated with civility and respect at the GOP booth.

This is pretty much par for the course; in 2018, Saint Paul DFL mayor Melvin Carter felt perfectly comfortable walking into my GOP caucus meeting and giving a quick talk – which I, the chair, allowed, because hey, we gotta try to run a democracy together, right? But was *zero* chance in hell I could have returned the favor without an outbreak of hissing and complaints that I’d “triggered” someone or another.

Civility; it’s a one-way street in the Metro.

And what a perfect representation of Urban Progressive Privilege, huh? The thought that one might feel not only empowered, but entitled, to commit sexual assault in service of one’s politics, with the active encouragement of your fellow Democrats?

Who are the “resistance”, here, anyway?

Barack and Michelle Obama buy a place high up in the Rockies, as a hedge against rising sea levels.

Just kidding. They bought a place on Martha’s Vineyard.

Apparently he took that whole “We’ll make the ocean level recede” thing pretty seriously.