Defining Biden being Biden

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There’s no questioning that Joe Biden is more than a “gaffe machine.” That appears to be the MSM’s favorite rationalism in excusing Joe Biden’s speaking mistakes. I’m questioning whether they’re gaffes. I think it’s entirely possible that he’s just an overhyped blithering idiot.

Biden first ran for president in 1988. He left that race before the Iowa Caucuses after plagiarizing a speech from Neal Kinnock, then a British politician. The second time Biden ran for president was in 2008. This was a marked improvement only from the standpoint that he actually made it through the Iowa Caucuses. Then again, Biden “stopped his campaign on January 3, 2008 after he did not get many votes in the Iowa caucus.”

This past weekend, Biden campaigned in New Hampshire while a dozen of his competitors auditioned for California activists. Unfortunately for Joe, his staff didn’t remind him that he was in Keene, NH. While in Keene, NH, Biden talked about how he’d visited there many times before asking bystanders “Who doesn’t love Vermont”?

Joe Biden in Keene, New Hampshire: “I’ve been here a number of times…I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it?”

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) August 24, 2019

Then there’s Joe’s ‘memory’ of where he was when Bobby Kennedy and MLK were assassinated. The gospel according to Joe is that they were assassinated in the 1970s:

Here’s a serious question to Democrats. At any point in his early Senate life, did Joe Biden pay attention to his surroundings? Can you offer any legitimate proof that he paid attention? The other serious question is this: Is this the best Democrats can do for a frontrunner?

In 2004, Howard Dean was the Democrats’ frontrunner for several months. In the end, though, they turned on him and nominated John Kerry. It’s a frightening thought to think that Joe Biden pales in comparison in terms of candidate quality to John Kerry.