A day in the life…

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"Half the fun of being there, just to watch the rest of the Minnesotans just being Minnesotans. Was the people watching good? Absolutely. Worth the price of admission, and then some."

A week ago today, I was so crippled up from my minor surgery, I could hardly move. If the fair had started that day, I would have only been watching the highlights on TV. But time is a healer, and it worked on my back and neck. So much so, today I was just about as fit as much as a 70 year old fiddle can be. So we were off to Day One, opening day, of the Great Minnesota Get Together.
First - a confession or two. Putting Minnesota's weather aside for a minute, as we all bitch about the cold in January and the heat and humidity in July - this is the nicest place to live, much of the time. Today was no exception. THAT IS - with the exception of nut balls who are now running (or ruining) the place. We need right sized, efficient government, with commiserate taxes, to make this place much easier (and nicer) to live in. Taxing the socks off of seniors - does not make it so. Enough about that (for now).
Even though I know not all Minnesotans feel the same (politically) as I do, I love most of them. They are good people, some with bad ideas. And every year, for twelve days at the end of summer (which many say are the best twelve days of the year), Minnesota show its best on everything.
Wait Bird! Are you saying that Minnesota has the best state fair in the country? Seriously? Well - maybe. Some say it does. The Insider online pub in a 2018 article ranked Minnesota the second biggest behind Texas, yet (drum roll please), the BEST State Fair in America!
Every year we go, I sing the same old song in my heart - "Our State Fair is the best State Fair - don't miss it, don't even be late." Once you get in the doors, it is awesome to the max! Whoops - did I say "Once you get in the doors?" That is the bugaboo in the past few years - especially this one. It took us an hour an a half to get to a very crappy parking spot to get in the doors.
Today, many of the "park and rides" were totally full. Shortly after noon, the parking lots at the fair were also all full. Then the question begs to be asked - if you come here at mid-day, how do you get here? Where do you park? By the way - the parking this year is up to $15!!! Come on Taxing Timmy - give us a break!
Enough about getting here. Like I said - once here - it was awesome. Half the fun of being here, is just to watch the rest of the Minnesotans just being Minnesotans. Was the people watching good? Absolutely. Worth the price of admission, and then some. However - (for as change), not too many politics today. Great food, with maximum taste, and minimal nutrition - typical State Fair. And - it was all good.
Am I satiated until next year? Not really. Or should I say - not quite. Going again this Tuesday on Military Day. Wander around the fair grounds with my brothers and sisters in arms. But - this time we will have the boy in tow. Will we like it as much as the first day of the fair that we went? Maybe. Probably. But will the boy like it? Oh, heck yea,,,