Sh*t show indeed

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Upon arriving in Plymouth on Tuesday evening for my monthly co-hosting gig with Up And At 'Em, I received a text message from the podcast's host Ben Kruse about 15 minutes before we normally begin recording. It said that the audio editing for the show had put him "way behind" but that he was on his way. Said audio editing continued even after we settled into the studio, so we didn't begin the show until 8:00 pm, which is about an hour later than normal.

The lion's share of the broadcast was devoted to Tuesday's hearing conducted by the MN Senate Health and Human Services Committee where they looked into irregularities in the Dept. of Human Services. Let's just say that a conservative parody of bloated, inefficient government wouldn't be nearly as comical as what was on full display in St Paul on Tuesday.

Kudos to my pal Ben for putting together a top notch podcast which put the MN mainstream media coverage to shame (I realize that's probably a low bar, but still.....).

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