Big trouble in little China

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"This would be an excellent real world example of how socialism or communism works for our brainwashed children to observe."

Sure did not see this one coming (Not!). In July of 1997, Kong Kong, one of the financial meccas of the world, left the comforts of living under the Crown, and once again became part of mainland China. Those who thought this would be a smooth transition were daydreaming. Take a large metro complex, who have lived under a free and capitalist system for over 100 years, then turn them over to a communist country. Especially, a communist country who knows how to use the heavy boot when need be.
This entire situation is a mess. It is a bad marriage. When this idea was ginned up to have a freedom loving city become part of a strict communist regime, a flowery term was dreamed up by mainland China - "two systems, one country". Like everything is equal, right? Not even close. Every year the screws become tighter. Beijing is in control - not the good people of Hong Kong. And the trust level of many in Hong Kong towards mainland China - is nil.
The latest dust up is over extradition. Beijing wants certain criminals to be transferred to the mainland to be tried in their courts. Not so fast, cried out the people from Hong Kong. We don't trust your system of "justice". We will try residents of Hong Kong in Hong Kong courts, and justice will be administered our way. Beijing disagrees, and has refused to accept Hong Kong's objections. Therefore, upwards of a million or so residents Hong Kong are now protesting, going on strike, or both. The net result is Hong Kong's very busy airport has been shut down for two days.
This is a sticky wicket now for China. Since the world is watching, what to do. On one hand, they cannot allow a major airport in their orbit to be shut down. They could send in copious numbers of storm troopers to quell this civilian riot. On the other hand, China is trying to present itself as the new benevolent super power in their corner of the world. How would that look to other countries if they came down very heavy against its own citizens? Tough call for their "President for life", Xi.
This would be an excellent real world example of how socialism or communism works for our brainwashed children to observe. No, living under socialism or communism is not sunshine and lolly pops. Many times it is having the jack boot on your throat if you do not do what the central command wants. PLUS - when you have over 7 million people, who are accustomed to living in freedom, and then put them under a totalitarian regime, this is the result.
How will this end? Good question. Worth watching, however. Screwing with a people's strong sense of independence and freedom is a tough call. Good luck with that one China. You will need it.