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Involuntary Intoxication Is A Thing

In Social-Media-Involuntary-Intoxication-Bob Davis Podcast 853 talk about an issue I am dealing with as a Content Creator.

Political Talk Sucks

These days it is more difficult than ever to talk about politics.

Bad Information

So much information is incorrect and gets to our devices faster.

Triggers Are Us

In addition, triggering an emotional reaction is what social media is designed for.

Fog Of War

Is our reality becoming a ‘fog of war‘?


I don’t think it’s news anymore. Users expect to be told what to think. What will happen next. Outlets oblige us whether they have enough information or not. It’s propaganda. I wonder if many of us are suffering a mild form of PTSD.

Confirmation Bias Is The Order Of The Day

Consequently those those first perceptions cannot be undone. Furthermore new information confirms those first biases.


We are addicted to scrolling. Needing to check back. We need that emotional charge.

There’s a thing called Involuntary Intoxication. I know I am stretching the definition but play along.

Find out exactly what I mean in Social-Media-Involuntary-Intoxication-Bob Davis Podcast 853.

Defending A Social Norm

In conclusion you can’t talk nuts and bolts politics with people who believe in conspiracy theories and superstitions.

Borderline Behavior

Constantly enraged. Defending a social norm. Forming hard opinions based on fantasy. Do those emotional states lead to good decision making?

The School Yard

Finally we’re not having a national discussion. It’s a school yard where adults act like eight year olds.

Swimming In A River of Low Vibration Energy

The question for content creators is whether we want to swim in a river of lower vibration. In addition do we want to contribute to the misinformation or rise above it?

Society Is My Focus

I have decided to focus on the long term. Society more than politics.

Advancing The Story

My objective as a content creator is to advance the story, and help subscribers curate the misinformation served up on their phones every second of the day.

Living Sober

We’re living in a dangerous time. The actions we support now will have reactions. I’d rather make those decisions sober.

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Social-Media-Involuntary-Intoxication-Bob Davis Podcast 853