A glass of water, please!

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"There is only one thing worse than drinking dirty water - and that is having no water to drink at all. That is the problem we are facing today in many areas of the world."

Sure has been quite a bit about water in the news as of late. Flint, Michigan comes to mind first. All that lead which had been leaching into the drinking water via old, corroding pipes. I sure would not want my grandchildren drinking that toxic brew. Then it seems like every day, there is a story about someplace in America, where the drinking water contains an above average (according to the EPA), amount of some nasty somethings or other. And we can't forget about that ubiquitous BPA, which resides in our plastic water bottles.
Most of us would say there is no way on this green earth I would drink any of that crap as shown is the picture above! Well actually - you would. And so would I. We all would. There is only one thing worse than drinking dirty water - and that is having no water to drink at all. That is the problem we are facing today, in many areas of the world.
Do you want to move to Mexico City? That huge metropolis which is the heart of Mexico? With 21 million people living in or around the city? Guess what? They are already running out of water. So much so, even in the rainy season, water is rationed. Plus, because they have pumped so much water out of the aquifer which lies beneath the city, Mexico City is sinking.
It is hitting the poorer, more arid areas of the Earth the quickest. Soon, when the water is all but gone, the people who live around those areas, would give their life savings for a glass of Flint, Michigan water - with lead and all.
Most animals and humans have a very short runway to live without water. Scientists have estimated that the average human can live only from 3 to 7 days without water of some sort. In that 3 to 7 days, what type of water would most people prefer? Short answer - any water. Period.
I will somewhat quote Obama's former pastor - "This is humanities chickens coming home to roost." We have known about this coming water shortage for decades, and done NOTHING. Do we live on an arid planet? Not even close. We are a water planet, with 71% of the land mass being covered in water. PLUS - we do practically NOTHING to capture and recycle excess rain water. Very little for desalinization. All we have done is pump the crap out of our depreciating aquifers.
What happens to the 21 million who live in and around Mexico City when that last glass of semi-potable water is drawn? Good question. Will this be the long forecasted "die off" of humanity? Or do we still have the time to do the right thing? For those living by the Great Lakes - good for you. You have been blessed. For those living in Nevada or Arizona - good luck. Your future is not so blessed.
Israel (as an arid country), figured this out years ago . But it is in Israel's DNA to survive. Our DNA? Wait until the poop hits the fan and then go for another "Manhattan Project". Meanwhile, millions who live outside our borders are going to die soon. If nothing is done, death will be imminent. Millions would die from a death which could have been prevented.