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Two mass shootings over the weekend.

Senate Majority Leader Gazelka had an excellent response:

As does Representative Munson.

Let us, indeed, think about the “why”:

Speaking of “why” – law enforcement will be looking for patterns. And while we’re on the subject:

As a friend asks – “do they make these in a lab?” “Copycat killer” has a whole new meaning.

By the way; over the weekend – a “progressive” from the invincibly ignorant set bellowed (rhetorically) at me “askiing” if I’d renounce “white supremacy” in the wake of El Paso.

It was a groaningly stupid and insulting thing to say – I did mention he was from the invincibly ignorant crowd, right?

I haven’t told him “This is the appropriate response to ‘white supremacists’ with firearms on shootings sprees“.

And, for that matter, a good guy with a gun did in fact help out in El Paso.

Berg’s 18th Law is still in effect. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: In related news, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will never do lunch in Berkeley again: