The long goodbye….

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"...those four mutton heads that make up 'The Squad', are about as far from a doctor or lawyer than you could imagine. $200,000 for a part time job is a pretty good gig. No wonder nobody who serves wants term limits."

No this is not about Alzheimer's, although that is a very serious disease (and the topic for another day). This is about the other "long good-bye". That would be our lawmakers in Washington, who are going on their annual six week vacation. Wait a minute Bird! That is a typo! Nobody on this planet gets a six week vacation! Unfortunately, they do. And it has nothing to do with being all caught up with their work. On the contrary - they have not done spit this session.
Okay - just to me fair, they did pass a budget busting two year funding bill. It is not law as yet, as the Senate still needs to approve it, and then the President needs to sign it. What if the Senate comes up with a different version? Conference committee. By the way - if that happens, the committee will have to wait until vacation is over.
Reading an article in Smart Asset, I find the salary of most Congressmen and women is a hair under $200,000/year. The article said even though some might think this high, it is on par with other similar professions, like doctors and lawyers. Excuse me - those four mutton heads that make up "The Squad", are about as far from a doctor or lawyer than you could imagine. $200,000 for a part time job is a pretty good gig. No wonder nobody who serves wants term limits.
Here is my analogy about leaving town without having the southern border issue fixed. If I were still working, and had a huge negotiation coming up, there is no way on the green Earth I could have taken a vacation before it was done. If I had, that vacation would have been permanent. How in the world, could the ancient Speaker, allow the House to recess without having at least the immigration mess cleaned up first? I will tell you it is to blame. Us. We allow this. Year after year, we allow this.
As far as I am concerned, right now Congress is nothing more than a waste of money, and a waste of space. The only thing Congress is good at lately, is trying to tie up the administration in so many knots, nothing can get done. I know how the President feels about Congress, and I am starting to think most of the country agrees with him.
Don't get me wrong. Not everyone who serves in Congress is useless. In Minnesota we have three in Congress which are good, three which are marginal at best, one who is mostly half asleep, and one who should not even be in this country. I would just like to keep the three who get stuff done, and deep six the others.
Remember folks, Congress works for us, not the other way around. We can fix this, if we have the will do so. And that fix starts in November of 2020. Get rid of these pretenders, and let's get the adults back in charge.