You Can’t Fight City Hall…That Way

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Saint Paul resident, sick of being ignored after repeated complaints about a homeless encampment outside his house, gets…

…well, a little heated:

A St. Paul man declared “all-out war” against a policy adviser in the mayor’s office when the city failed to remove a homeless encampment near his home, authorities say.
Jeffrey Karl Weissbach, 62, called City Hall on July 10 about an encampment that had taken shape in front of a bridge near his home in the 300 block of Colborne Street, according to a Ramsey County criminal complaint charging him with making threats of violence, a felony.

It doesn’t end well for him (so far).

But I have to admit, as someone who’s lived in Saint Paul for a long time, that I get it. The City of Saint Paul, being a one-party company town (the company is “government”) where “Urban Progressive Privilege” gives the public class a sense of entitlement that puts the whole “serving the tax-paying public” thing pretty much at the bottom of list of public priorities.

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