Smudging our thin blue line…

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"Who is to blame for the assault on some NYPD officers yesterday who were only trying to do their jobs? Try on Mayor Bill de Blasio for starters."

Some say it started with Obama. Others say earlier, in our liberal court system. Whenever it started, today we are now reaping the fruits of disrespect towards police officers in many of our bluest cities. And what happened yesterday in New York City, defies description. It defies logic. It certainly defied good citizenship. Who is to blame for the assault on some NYPD officers yesterday who were only trying to do their jobs? Try on Mayor Bill de Blasio for starters.
What happened in NYC is endemic of what is happening all over the country. Most always, in large Blue cities. Cities run by idiots. Even here, in the fair city of Minneapolis, we had conflicting stories in the paper this morning. One article, talked about the escalation of shootings in Minneapolis. That most of the victims are of color, so the shootings don't get a lot of press. Many in the community are outraged. But the other article talked about how we need to muzzle the police officers more. To prevent any more shootings of people of color by cops - regardless of circumstances. And who wants to be a cop in a city like Minneapolis these days?
Chicago is probably the worst example of a city run amok. The current Mayor is even more loony tunes than the last one - and that is saying a lot. People are being slaughtered like cattle in some sections of Chicago (over 1,200 shot this year, with over 250 of them dying), and the city keeps the cops from doing proper policing. What does it mean to do proper policing? Having the numbers necessary, with the authority, to take back the streets for the citizens.
I can't tell you the number of people I have talked to who either hate going downtown Minneapolis at night, or are scared to do so. Many that do go, are armed. Why? It feels unsafe. Even the Minneapolis police chief understands that. He wants an additional 400 patrol officers by 2025 to keep up with the growing crime wave in the city. His current force of 600 patrol officers is stretched too thin.
I have a lot of respect for law enforcement. It is a very tough job. It is a risky job. It is a job where when you leave in the morning, there is no guarantee you will come home that night. Yet Mayors like Bill de Blasio, tells his bi-racial son he should fear cops. Mayor de Blasio has been overtly critical of cops his entire political life. He ordered his cops to stop the very successful "stop and frisk", as he thought it was racial profiling. Net result - no respect for police, as we saw yesterday in the Bronx and in Harlem.
Blue Mayors, who live in the land of lolly pops and unicorns, continue to smudge our thin blue line which protects us all. Without that thin blue line, our country is the wild, wild west all over again. We might as well all strap on six shooters.
The best way to deal with those large, Blue cities which have escalating crime, and who have neutered their police departments? Stay away. A long, long ways away. For if you do enter, you enter at your own risk.