Too big – way, way too big

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Attention world! This is Moneyapolis calling! We don't care if you are from Chicago, Detroit, Mogadishu, or where ever - have we got a deal for you! Don't like where you are living? No sweat. Just leave, and come here. So long as you vote Blue, we will get you on the dole, pronto visto! We have welfare benefits unmatched in the galaxy - maybe the known universe. And the best part (buckle up for this one) - our welfare department (DHS) is so big, so un-managed, so unhinged, welfare cheating is a piece of cake. And many of the citizens of this state (mostly in the urban metro area), don't even care!
Yesterday on the Sue Jeffers Show, Representative Jeremy Munson gave a statistic which was an absolute show stopper. The overall topic was the mess at our DHS. But the part which was being discussed early in the show was MA - Medical Assistance, or Medicaid. Minnesota's Medicaid is out of control. It was gone up almost 25% in the past five years. Representative Munson said our Medicaid spending (combination of state and federal dollars), is over $10B annually. Yes, that is "B" as in billion.
But here comes the real show stopper. Munson said it is estimated that 10% of the people who receive Medicaid in Minnesota are not eligible to receive it. And 10% of $10B is one billion dollars a year - wasted! We have a Governor who thinks we need a bigger bucket for all the new taxes he wants to collect. And yet, the bucket we have right now has gaping holes in the bottom of it. IT SEEMS WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO GIVE OUR HARD WORKING SENIORS TAX FREE SOCIAL SECURITY, BUT WE DO HAVE THE MONEY TO FUND THE FRAUD AND GRAFT AT DHS!!!
What is happening in this state right now is nothing short of outrageous! We had an "auditor" in DHS who was supposed to keep her eye on the books. She did not - maybe she was too busy doing her nails or checking social media. Meanwhile - we were being robbed blind by many. The system was abused. The tax payers, taken advantage of.
Even the local paper blasted the DHS this morning. Too big. Needs major overhaul. Duh! I say shut it down for a few months to fix it. Find some REAL leadership to manage the place once we have it up and running again. No more cronyism. No more statists. We need real professionals who have (get ready), integrity. AND WE NEED TO STOP BEING SO DAD BLAMED EASY! WE NEED TO BE FAIR WITH OUR WELFARE, NOT PATSIES!
Most of us with our eyes wide open, know there is a reason we have over one hundred thousand East African refugees living in Minnesota - and it ain't the weather. The reputation of this state at one time was regional for how easy we were - now it is global. The tax payers of this state are tired of taking it in the shorts. Corrupt DHS, failed government school systems, and this list goes on and on.
This story has legs folks. Right now we have the right bloodhounds on the trail of this deceit and fraud. Maybe they can do something, but they will be swimming upstream. Oh - the good news? Ms. Ham, who was asleep at the switch when all this was happening, is still getting paid by you. Could you ever imagine that happening in the real world? NEVER!!!!!
Moneyapolis. Great place to live. Unless of course, you are a tax payer.