Bye-bye Mills

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Good bye. It has been great to know you. I know - I can still shop there. But the Mother Ship will be moving from Minnesota to Appleton Wisconsin. And I know the reason why. The weather. Wisconsin is a bit further south than Minnesota. And the make up of the people are different in Appleton than they are in Brainerd. Although, they are a wee bit more pasty in Brainerd than they are in Appleton.
DO NOT - tell me it is the taxes! Both our current Governor as well as our last one (both fine bright Blue statists), have reminded the minions who live in this state, we are a high tax, high service state. That is why people and companies love it here. These "fake news" narratives about people or companies moving out of Minnesota, are just red meat for those out of touch conservatives.
Wait a minute Bird! Tell the whole story! Downtown is expanding right now (in certain sections). DINK's and single folk. If you forgot what DINK means, look it up. In any event, they are adding to the growing gentrification of downtown. But who cares? The poor will always be with us right, Jacob? Well, never mind the poor. Our growth relies on the Yuppie crowd in the warehouse district. That is where our growth will come from.
I would boycott Mills for moving, but I am already boycotting Home Depot for the sin or the former CEO liking Trump. I mean heck - I need to buy my cracked corn from somewhere! And as far as I am concerned, as a long time Mondale supporter, if you don't like it here, get the "H", "E", double hockey sticks out of here!
But before you leave, please leave your money. Like we say here - we are a high tax, high value state. The high tax I understand, but the value? Good grief...