More socialist savagery

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"I guess having scads of money is not a sin unless you vote Red. Make sense to you? Me neither."

If this were not so sad, it would almost be amusing. As Forest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does." One of the quality CEO's (now former) in America, or even the world for that matter, is Bernie Marcus. Even though Bernie has done very well in the business world, help found Home Depot, which allowed many thousands to find employment (as well as satisfying customer needs), he is worth half what America hating George Soros is worth. And the Left never says "boo" about Soros.
Yet, Bernie Marcus continues to have a heart of gold. He has pledged when he dies, 80 to 90 percent of his $4B fortune will go to charity. Oh - and he is also going to contribute a chunk of his wealth to the President's re-election bid.
Well, that last sentence did it. Who cares if charitable causes will get billions from Bernie at the time of his death? Who cares if he has been an excellent steward of a major corporation for years, as well as the employees who worked there? All that good has been erased by the Left for only one reason - Bernie believes that Donald Trump is doing right for this country. And now Bernie has become part of the problem. He needs to be fixed. Including his former, and very apolitical company, Home Depot.
The clarion call has gone out to the kool aide drinkers to boycott Home Depot. That will fix that rat fink Bernie! Who cares about the fact he has not worked there for over a decade? We are going after Home Depot anyway! Get that orange card out of your wallet and cut it up! Don't ever shop there again! The Left has now succeeded in finding yet another way to divide us. Orange card (Home Depot), orange man bad - green card (Menard's), new green deal, good. If this does not make sense to you, congratulations. You are normal.
Let us compare this billionaire philanthropist with some of the big donor folks on the Left today:
George Soros - America hater and currency destroyer - worth $8B
Tom Steyer - Impeachment fanatic - worth $1.5B
Jeffery Epstein - Pedophile suspect - worth $1B
Ed Buck - Accused of human trafficking - worth lots of dough, but the exact amount is sealed
I guess having scads of money is not a sin unless you vote Red. Make sense to you? Me neither. In any event, our President really likes Bernie Marcus. Thinks he is a quality guy (and he is right). So he tweeted something like, "There are more "Deplorable types" out there than them. Please support Home Depot." Call that an anti-boycott.
Me? I like Home Depot. I shop there. I also shop at Lowe's and Menard's. The only stores I have boycotted have been Dick's (the store which lives up to its name every day), and Camping World (because the owner said if you support Trump, he does not want your business). I should also throw Starbucks in there. We all know the reason for that.
That concludes today's edition of socialist savagery. Every day they stoop to a new low. I am glad Mother Teresa is no longer with us. The socialists on the Left would concoct some thing they did not like about what she did, and then savage her. The Left really does have no limits on their behavior.