Next up – “Getevenism”

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"It is something I call 'getevenism'. All the socialists have signed on to it. They want to square the circle, Even things out. If you have done well, they think maybe too well. They want to fix that. They want to fix you."

Some say it started with the 2000 election, where George Bush (43) was "selected" by the Supreme Court instead of being elected by the people. For eight long years, the Left hated Bush. Our national discourse went from testy to rude. Then, from absolutely nowhere, came a mixed race man from Chicago. He had an odd name, but gave a mesmerizing speech at the Democrat convention. In 2008, he ran for President as a "uniting force" instead of a dividing one, like the country had endured during most of the period of 2000 to 2008. Because he was half black, he could heal our long standing racial divide. He lied. He fractured what was left of this country's unity, like an egg shell dropped on the floor.
Once Obama's term was up, this country was ripe for some healing. We were in deep trouble. So we elected a non-politician. A guy who had been a CEO, a billionaire, a guy who knew how to get things done. BUT - he did one HUGE thing wrong. He won. He beat the anointed one, Hillary. Even thought Donald Trump is a huge believer in a "rising tide lifts all boats", the Left painted him to be a combination of Lucifer and Rasputin. The Left told us Trump was owned by the banks, and would only serve them.
Even before Donald Trump took the oath, the Left was on a mission to destroy him. The net result? We now have a divided government which is almost ungovernable. A nation split right down the middle. Mayhem in the streets. Antifa riots. Well, it could not get any worse than this. Or could it?
Many pundits have been taking about the 2020 election. They have said it is THE MOST IMPORTANT election of our lifetime. Maybe longer. Hyperbole? I don't think so. Yesterday, Jason Lewis was on the radio. He said if the House stays Democrat, and the Senate flips, and if Trump does not win re-election, the great American experiment will be over. Done.
Then it hit me. When you listen to the gaggle of caterwauling coming from the Democrat Clown Car, there is one common theme. Something we have not seen before in this country. It is something I call "getevenism". All the socialists have signed on to it. They want to square the circle, Even things out. If you have done well, they think maybe too well. They want to fix that. They want to fix you.
What are some of the ideas we have heard bandied about? They hate guns and our gun rights. They want to take away our guns. They think the internet is out of control, and they want the government to take over the internet. If you make over a certain amount of money, that is too much. They want the highest tax rate to be 70% (maybe higher), so they can redistribute your money. They think student debt is immoral. They want to absolve it - for everyone. They want our borders open. It is unfair that we live here and others can't. They want free higher education -some say two years, others say four. They want Medicare for all, no matter how much it costs. They want more financial assistance for housing. The list goes on and on and on.
If you are well healed, and somehow survive the new 70% rate, you are not yet safe. They also want your stuff. The items which you have accumulated over the years, including your cash in bank. The want a wealth tax in addition to an income tax.
"Getevenism" is nothing more, than old fashion socialism. What you have, I want. That fact that you have it instead of me, is unfair. The government will now make it fair. If we lose President Trump, this is the world we will slip in to - starting in January 2021. Don't believe me? Listen to what the candidates are saying.
Now comes the tough part of this article. If we lose the government to the socialists, and it is felt the deciding votes which will change America has come from illegals who live and are allowed to vote in sanctuary cities or states, all hell is going to break lose. True Americans will not stand for this outcome. Seriously. This will take us over the Rubicon, and way around the bend. This is not just my feeling. I have talked to many others who feel this way. Before the country, our freedoms, and our Constitutional rights are surrendered, there will be a stand.
In 2020, there is no sitting on the sidelines. It is all hands on deck. It is not like, if we lose, things will be a lot tougher. No, if we lose, it will be over. And as many from other countries have said, if America falls, the world falls. Yes, the stakes are that high in 2020. The scourge of "getevenism" is coming. And it is growing.