Quick Hits: Volume CXCII

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- Election Day 2020 is merely 16 months away (a veritable whiff of time in today's political realm). As such, announcements like this are starting to trickle in.

This is the right decision, especially in light of Minnesota Republicans being able to win statewide has become so elusive. And now that Sen. Tina Smith is an elected incumbent, the task of defeating her would be that much more formidable.

As of right now, the GOP holds a slim 35-32 majority in the MN Senate. With suburban Republicans becoming an endangered species in this state, there are some ripe opportunities for the DFL to flip some of those seats (i.e. Housley in SD39, Paul Anderson in SD44, Scott Jensen in SD47 and Dan Hall in SD56) and thus attain a majority. It's going to be difficult enough for incumbent Republican senators to win re-election in 2020 to say nothing of first time candidates.

I know where a fair amount of my campaign contributions are going next year.

- I really don't care that Nike has chosen to forgo a sneaker featuring an American flag logo in the motif of the one designed by Betsy Ross. And I'm certainly not going to unload invective on former NFL QB (and now Nike spokesperson) Colin Kaepernick for allegedly encouraging the shoe company to nix the idea.

In the end Nike is a business and, to be honest, a savvy one at that. How many national news stories have they been a part of over the past several days? Oh, and have you checked their stock price lately?

Well played, Nike.

- I was crestfallen to hear the news of former St Paul mayor and U.S. senator Norm Coleman having been diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

However, I soon thereafter became inspired when I read the frank but inspiring words written by.....Norm Coleman.

I can’t avoid my cancer.

But, I will not let it decide how I will live my life.

I am blessed with family and friends and caregivers who have given me countless reasons to know better than to let the demons of despair partner with the beast of cancer to bring me to my knees.

When I go to my knees it is in prayer. I’ve gone back to putting on Tefillin as part of my morning prayers.

Prayer for the blessings of modern medicine – thankful for the host of Prayer Warriors – thankful for a family that loves me – friends that sustain me – and countless other gifts of plenty that have given me an abundant life.

I firmly believe that in spite of this affliction I am immeasurably blessed.

There will be another battle against the beast and I am ready for it.

To the beast I say this to you: My war against cancer isn’t won.


That's the sign of a quality human being when he can make others feel uplifted and inspired about the horrific adversity that he himself is battling.

I've been praying almost daily over the past several months for Norm and his family. I certainly ain't stopping now.