Taking back the limelight…

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"Anyhow, another great trip for POTUS. Once again, we realize just how lucky we are that we do not have President Hillary."

After watching Joe Biden and the nineteen dwarfs steal the nation's spotlight this past week during the Clown Car Debates, it sure did not take our President long to strike back. During the tail end of the G-20 Summit in Japan, the President struck gold. I mean, the mother lode of gold. Stole the limelight back from the Democrats - Bigly!
First off, as worthless as these summits are, it gave Prime Minister Abe the chance to play host, and show off the beautiful country of Japan. It was kind of funny - Fox News had Tucker Carlson on site during the summit. Before the summit started, Tucker was in a major transit station doing a spot on Japan. In this busy transit station, there was not one inch of graffiti; not one speck of garbage on the floor. Why? The Japanese people look upon their country with respect. It is their home. They keep their home in very good and clean condition. They would be embarrassed to have it any other way. Hello America? Are you listening?
Anyway, towards the end of the summit, Donald Trump met with General Secretary Xi of China. Purpose of the meeting? To try and kick start the trade talks again, so this tariff war might end. Trump's big move? To take off the embargo (so to speak) on Huawei. That got things rolling. Bottom line - the trade talks are back on so we will not up any more tariffs (for now). That is great news for not only our stock market, but also the world economy.
Donald Trump then "tweeted" that he will be stopping in Korea on the way home, and would like to meet Kim on the DMZ. It was a "Hail Mary" shot, as nothing had been planned, and the last talks in Viet Nam did not go well. But up to the DMZ Trump went, and guess who was there waiting for him? Chairman Kim. This impromptu meeting between Kim and Trump lasted about an hour. Before they sat down to talk, Trump stepped over the line into North Korea (giving his Secret Service detail heartburn). First sitting President to EVER venture into North Korea. Then the two of them turned around and stepped back over the border. Kim became the first North Korean leader to venture into South Korea. Wow!
Nobody is better at this. While the Democrats keep bashing Donald Trump for all the things he has not done, all Donald Trump can do is keep on performing. And performing. His eyes have never left the prize. In all his years in business, he has learned that talk is cheap - it means nothing. But results? That is a whole different story.
I will love to see how the Dems will spin this one. They will probably focus on the fact that the President said "ISIS was full of bullshit" when addressing the troops at Osan Air Force Base. The troops loved it, the statists and globalists will hate it. Anyhow, another great trip for POTUS. Once again, we realize just how lucky we are that we do not have President Hillary.