Our next President

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"That is it for now. Enjoy the hot weekend. The politics however, is about to get a whole lot hotter."

Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine whom of the twenty or so Democrat candidates for President might look good living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Who would be good in dealing with a ruthless dictator like Kim. Or a cagey former KGB agent like Putin. Or Xi, who has designs on taking over most of Asia and some of Europe (economically). Or Iran, who if we are not giving them pallets full of cash, think we are the "Great Satan".
We have tried appeasers like Carter and Obama. That did not work well. By the way, did you hear that Jimmy Carter thinks Russia put Trump in the White House? And therefore Trump is illegitimate? Hey Jimmy - this is for you, one more time. Putin HATED Hillary for what she tried to do to him. Do I think Putin did things to derail her bid? Absolutely. But it had nothing to do with Trump. The Republicans could have been running Bozo the Clown, and Putin would have done the same thing. Not love for Trump - hatred for Hillary. Trump would have won with or without the Russians
Each one of the clowns running for President on the Blue ticket have plans for this country. Plans to take it straight into the toilet. Plans to operate way outside of the Constitution. Here is what some pundit said Trump needs to say when the campaign season heats up. "Is this really what you want America? Open borders, abortion going into the fourth trimester, gun confiscation, 70% tax rates, free everything with a debt to pay for it going so high, it will wreck the nation? If so, vote for the Democrats. Each one is promising basically the same thing."
If the Republicans spent scads of cash to hire the best PR firm in the world to come up with a whiz bang campaign ad for Donald Trump, it would not be as effective as Clown Car - Part 1, and Clown Car Part 2. The funniest part of those two nights of debates is the Democrats have NO CLUE on how badly they hurt themselves. None, what so ever.
If the Democrats stick to their script all the way to their convention, and the winner starts to have debates with President Trump, Donald will chew them up and spit them out. It will not be a fair fight. Not even close. Trump will have facts and history on what he has done to the country. A Democrat will have hyperbole and nonsense who what they will do to the country. The difference in vision is not slight - it is stark.
More to come folks. Now that we know what these people are made out of, watch you local elections in 2020 also. This is an infestation of socialism. "Get even-ism". We heard it again from Biden the other night. If you have done well, it is not because of you. It is because of the rest of us. Therefore, you have the moral obligation to share the fruits of your success with the rest of us. That is what is coming. Once that is done, they will be after your wealth in the form of a wealth tax. Oh yes - I have that mentioned also.
That is it for now. Enjoy the hot weekend. The politics however, is about to get a whole lot hotter.