Selective Outrage (again)

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"It is nice to know as the nation spins out of control, almost into the Twilight Zone, we have people like Steve Drazkowski who is a truth teller."

Last night, our own Steve Drazkowski was on the Tucker Carlson show. Why? Tucker wanted to know more about the fraudulent Ilhan Omar. Trucker seemed a bit perplexed on how this state rep from Mazeppa, Minnesota, could scoop the great and powerful Star Tribune on some very important facts. Or the New York Times. Or the Washington Post. How in the world could Steve have come up with this much immutable proof that Omar was a tax cheat, a liar and a possible bigamist, and the lap dog media missed it? Or did they?
Once again selective outrage and PC nonsense is ruling the day. The MSM has however, found some nut ball (and she is loony) gal, who said President Trump sexually accosted her. E. Jean Carroll, the accuser, said the President made moves on her back in the mid-1990's. Huh? And why are we just hearing about this now? And where is the proof? Well, there is not proof (unlike what Drazkowski has dug up on Omar), but that is not stopping the MSM. No-sir-re-Bob!
You wonder than why so many young people are turning off and tuning out when it comes to the news. Unlike my generation, who every night could listen to "Uncle Walter" tell us the news with some degree of credibility, the current crop of misfits who work for the MSM do not have an honest bone in their bodies. They are shameful. How so, you might ask?
Also in the "fish wrap" called a newspaper this morning, was a tale of tears about how the "children" were being mistreated at the border. No, they are not. They are treated the same way, maybe better, than they were treated under the most revered Barack Obama. And yet - nary a peep out of the press about him. On, no. He was untouchable, for obvious reasons. Plus - if Ms Nancy would get off her botoxed butt and do something to fix this amnesty loop hole which is the root of these immigration problems, the "children" would not be suffering on the border.
Here is the almost funny thing, if I can get back to Omar for just a sec. While Draz is dropping a dime on her on national TV, Omar is appearing with that ancient commie, Bernie Sanders, DEMANDING that all student loan (all $1.7T of it), be eviscerated. Now money may not mean much where she comes from, but $1.7T is a lot of cheddar in this country! But who cares? The MSM will never print THIS IS THE NUTTIEST IDEA YET to come out of the Left.
It is nice to know as the nation spins out of control, almost into the Twilight Zone, we have people like Steve Drazkowski who is a truth teller. In a time when telling the truth is almost a forgotten art, people like Sever Drazkowski show us once again, why truth matters.