“Neither hawk nor dove…”

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"Donald Trump is like the parent who much prefers to reward his children for good behavior, rather than to spank them for bad."

Interesting week last week. We are learning more and more about our President. After Iran acted very badly in the Straight of Hormuz, by mining two tankers, and then taking out one of our expensive Global Hawk drones, Trump had every right to deliver a punitive blow to the bad guys. But - as the story goes, the bombers had their orders, and were on their way. Then ten minutes from the target. the President recalled them.
What the what? The uninformed masses thought this guy from New York City was trigger happy! He was going smoke both North Korea and Iran once he took his hand off the Bible on inauguration day. Instead, despite some continued bad behavior by both, he has established a "bromance" with Little Kim, and has told Iran he could be one of their best friends. In fact, in addition to letting Iran off the hook last week, we also sent a letter to Little Kim, which North Korea called "beautiful".
Then it dawned on me this past weekend. In fact, the President himself said it during a presser. "Some think I am a hawk. Some think I am a dove. I think I am neither." Bingo - he is neither. Nor is he an appeaser, like you know who was (BHO). Donald Trump is like the parent who much prefers to reward his children for good behavior, rather than to spank them for bad.
Then, why in the world have we spent so much money to modernize our military? Because, in order to spare the rod WITHOUT spoiling the child, the child always needs to know a mighty rod is lying in wait - just in case. Donald Trump (the builder), has plans for these two countries. Just like Viet Nam, who has leap frogged out of the dark ages from the 1970's, he also envisions that for North Korea and Iran. By the way - you could throw Cuba in the mix also. I think that chapter is yet to be written before the President term(s) are up.
The other thought I had, was much more global - literally. I think he is ready to go from MAGA to MTEGA (Make the Earth Great Again). He wants FAIR trade agreements for every country (especially ours). We wants good living conditions and peace for everyone, so people from other countries do not have the need to immigrate nor become refugees. He wants peace and prosperity to break out everywhere. Again, spare the rod without spoiling the child. No spankings, just candy for good behavior. Naivete or visionary? That is the question historians will have to answer.
One more thing. The Iranian who shot down our drone said he knew there was also a manned spy plane in the area. He considered shooting that one down instead. If he had, and we had lost over 20 innocent American souls, how would have President Trump responded? Thank God we did not need to find out. But that question remains. How far is the President willing to take this "no spanking" thing? Where is the point where the dove becomes a hawk?
Once again, the American people are finding out we have never before had a President like Donald Trump, and probably never will again. Some think he is totally ignorant, others say he is dumb like a fox. Some say he is clueless in his dealings with people, others say he plays four dimensional chess, while the other team plays checkers. I have said from the start of the Republican debates prior to the 2016 election, the road is littered with the political bodies of those who underestimate this man. Yes, he is that good.
Just like Ronald Reagan was not the trigger happy moron the Left warned us about, neither is this President. And that should give us all comfort. By the way Ms. Nancy - he is doing the same with you. Get busy, and get the amnesty issue fixed in Congress. Otherwise, the "hawk" in this President is going to come out and start deporting illegals in droves.