Dust up in St. Cloud

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"Good luck St. Cloud. Just hope and pray the NorthStar never gets extended up there."

Oh boy. The immigration issue seems to have moved from Cedar Riverside up to St. Cloud. Well, not really. It is still there, in Cedar Riverside. It is just that there is so much PC BS in Minneapolis today, that you don't hear too much about it anymore. But St. Cloud? That is a city which has a proud German and Catholic heritage. Deep in the faith, hard working folk. How do I know? I went to school up there prior to going in the Navy. I got to know what the population was like. They really are good and solid citizens. Even with having a few colleges in the area, St. Cloud still has it's head screwed on straight.
A few years ago, a St. Cloud activist who I met on social media, wanted to get together to discuss the "changes" happening up in St. Cloud. We set a date, and I traveled up to Saint Cloud to meet her and another friend for lunch. My, oh my - did I ever get an ear full. Seems this newly arrived group of immigrants, is not fitting into the long established St. Cloud culture very well. In fact, more like a round peg into a square hole.
What is the most aggravating to many up in St. Cloud area, is the new immigrants also know they are a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. Only they want the hole to conform to their shape, not visa versa. Plus (and this a HUGE issue), the number of immigrants in St. Cloud keep increasing. Why? Even though Catholic Charities (CC) and Lutheran Social Services (LSS) try to distribute arriving immigrants in a somewhat equitable manner, there is nothing to keep them there. Being very clan orientated, they soon pull up stakes, and travel to the largest concentration of people of their own ilk. Like Cedar Riverside, and now St. Cloud.
According to a letter put out by LSS, "Minnesota is also the number 1 state in the nation for "secondary migration" - refugees moving to Minnesota after their initial resettlement, because Minnesota is such a welcoming state." Okay LSS - I call BS on that one. I agree we are the number 1 state for "secondary migration". A drive through Cedar Riverside will confirm that fact. But they are NOT coming here because we are welcoming. They are coming here because we are easy. We give welfare money away like it is candy. That is one of the reasons Minnesota is a high SALT state.
A conservative friend just wrote an article about what is happening in St. Cloud. She made the mistake of telling the truth, and is now suspended for 30 days from her employer. How will this end? Poorly, at best. Minnesota was built on immigration. LEGAL immigration. People from different cultures who wanted to come here and be part of the melting pot. But at the end of the day, they all wanted to be Americans. They want to live under the greatest Constitution in the world - not change it into some kind of Sharia adaptation.
Good luck St. Cloud. Just hope and pray the NorthStar never gets extended up there. You are a good city with a good culture. Hold on to it. The PC police will be knocking at your door, demanded you become more like "them", and less like like you.