Joe Biden, Jeb! comparison

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Earlier today, I was talking with a loyal reader of LFR. During the conversation, my friend said that it appeared as though Biden was looking past the primaries and to the general election. In my opinion, that’s exactly what Biden’s strategy is. He’d rather pretend that he’s already won the nomination so he’s concentrating on President Trump.

President Trump has trained his fire on “Sleepy Joe”, aka “1% Joe”, as President Trump attaches those crippling labels to another opponent. Think Lying Ted, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary and Low Energy Jeb. Speaking of Jeb from ancient times (2014), Jeb! once said that “a nominee should ‘lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles.'”

There is a difference between Jeb’s strategy and Biden’s strategy. The first major difference is that then-candidate Trump faced a super-talented group of opponents. While Biden’s opponents aren’t that talented, neither is Biden. A mediocre candidate running in a mediocre field is still in an uphill fight, just like a great candidate competing with other talented candidates would have a fight.

The other major difference is that Jeb ran into a messaging buzzsaw in Trump. Biden doesn’t face that in the Democrat primaries.

The truth is, though, that Biden’s strategy is based more on attempting to be the inevitable nominee. Jeb based his strategy on his foolish belief that he wouldn’t fight if it meant ‘sacrificing’ his principles. That’s an elitist-sounding mindset and then some.

When it comes down to it, neither Jeb or “Sleepy Joe” are top-tier candidates. If Biden is the Democrats’ nominee against President Trump, he’ll get torn to shreds by the Trump buzzsaw.