Worse than crack…

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"Heads up Iran. You might have just kicked sand in the face of the wrong person."

Two of the baddest actors on the world stage today are North Korea and Iran. Hands down true. They are both brutal regimes, and the folks running those regimes will have a whole lot of explaining to do when they get to the Pearly Gates. Now to really stir the pot, both of these brutal regimes are trying to develop a nuke as well as a reliable delivery system. One already has one, and the other might be very close.
Today however, it is all eyes towards the Middle East. The pot has been stirred again by Iran, and this time the "Dogs of War" might even be let out for a while. They (Iran) are going to make good on their promise of returning to the enrichment of uranium. Or did they ever stop? Do you ever wonder why Donald Trump put a knife in the heart of the Iran deal? Was it just because Iran continued to fund proxies, including Hamas, who keep lobbing missiles into Israel? The reason for leaving the agreement, might go much deeper.
The AMAD Project. This is a nuclear project started by Iran in the late 1980's and continued until 2003. That is, is stopped according to the very semi-unreliable IAEA. According to Israeli intelligence, The AMAD Project did not really stop in 2003. It did not really stop in 2015, when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was agreed to between Iran and a host of other countries.
This JCPOA came under Donald Trump's radar right after it was agreed to by the Obama Administration. He correctly called it "the worst agreement ever made". We got suckered, big time. This agreement never had to go through Congress for ratification (which is good for John Kerry). We gave Iran $150B right after it was signed. That money was supposed to help Iran with infrastructure and domestic projects. Instead, it went to fund the proxies. Much to Hamas. And oh yes - the AMAD Project. Our intelligence agencies agreed with Israeli intelligence agencies. The cheaters in Tehran continued on their cheating ways. They never stopped.
Lindsey Graham was quoted the other day, saying what should be done to teach these guys a lesson. Like Ronald Reagan did in the 1980's, we should sink part of their navy. What they are doing in the Gulf of Hormuz right now should have been the straw which broke the camel's back (so to speak). Teach Iran a painful lesson, and then North Korea will also understand we don't go easy on cheaters. Or promise breakers. Not with this President.
By the way, if push comes to shove with Iran, Israel is itching to join that fight. Bebe has been warning the world for years now, this cauldron is about to explode. Israel knows if Iran is left to its own devices, they will have a deliverable bomb in short order. Then, Iran could easily do what it has threatened to do. Wipe Israel off the face of the map.
More troops are headed to the Middle East as I pen this. I would not be surprised to see another carrier task force become re-positioned closed to Iran. Or maybe another bomber wing re-positioned.
Heads up Iran. You might have just kicked sand in the face of the wrong person. This is not Barack Obama. This is not John Kerry. This is a man who has had to back down many cheaters while in the business world. He will not be fooled. He will not be cowed. You have been warned.