The Circle of Truth

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"Americans are good people. We really are. But we are starting to get rust on our fenders. And that rust is socialism."

Was the concept of liberty invented by us? Not hardly - been around almost since the beginning. One of my favorite sayings I like to quote from time to time is, "All men are born free. Someone just has to take that freedom away from them." Bingo! And that "someone" quite often becomes the government we elect. That is why it was so important that those wise and Godly men who wrote our Constitution, worded it so the government would be the one controlled by the people, not visa versa.

I'm sorry - did I use the word "Godly"? Actually, I am not sorry - that was intentional. And our Founders? Did they believe that America is a Godly nation? Historians disagree somewhat on this issue. However, some (David Barton believes many more than "some") historians say a good many were Christian, some were Deists (who believed only in the moral teaching of Jesus), and some were unknown. I could find no source however, which said Sharia Law was woven into our fabric.

Using that set of beliefs, along with the desire NOT to establish a theocracy, plus to add in the basic tenants of liberty from other countries and eras, our Founders stitched together a document, our Constitution, which changed the world. Although imperfect, it is much better than any other governing document being used today, or in the past (take that Justice Ginsberg!). Plus, when Barack Obama said we are no longer a Christian nation, he had rocks in his socks. It was without a doubt the dumbest thing he ever said as President. We have by far and away more Christians in this nation than any other belief. Like between 75% and 85% of our population.

But - and here comes the hammer - as a Christian nation, founded with many basic Judeo-Christian principles, it is high time to start acting like it again. A Christian nation would not be killing babies. A Christian nation would not be lying to the world (like Joe Biden just did), saying women in this country have a Constitutional right to an abortion. That is a lie. That having healthcare is a Constitutional right (like Bernie Sanders has said many times). That is a lie. Disagree? Then tell me where in our Constitution it states these things. Hint: it doesn't.

Here is the circle of truth as I see it. America has saved the world from tyranny. Not once, not twice, but thrice. Thrice? When was that? Besides World War I, World War II, there was the Cold War. If we had not backed down the Soviet Union (Thank you President Reagan), who knows where the world would be right now.

Also, America is the most generous country on the planet. We are a compassionate people. When there is an emergency, nobody gives like this country does. We have sent our young men and women overseas to fight and die for other people's freedom. Our food technology is so vast, it has allowed us to have bumper harvests which have all but wiped out hunger in many areas of the world.

Both Rush and Glenn Beck have talked about this many times. Americans are good people. We really are. But we are starting to get rust on our fenders. And that rust is socialism. Because true history is no longer taught in our government schools, socialism is looked upon my many young people as the bight shiny penny. It is not. What socialism preaches, is a lie. The truth is simply this - our constitutional republic remains the rock which keeps this world together.

America is not this way by accident nor happenstance. We continue to be blessed by God, and there is a reason for that blessing. Whether you believe or not, God has his hand on this nation. So long as we stay a Godly nation, God will continue to bless us, so we can continue to bless the world.

That is the truth as I see it. We need to, as a nation, not only fight evil that stalks this land, we need to fight the constant barrage of lies. The Father of Lies would love to take this nation down. The rest of the world then would be easy pickings for tyranny, suffering and death. We cannot let that happen. Socialism is the key which unlocks Pandora's Box. We need to guard our liberty, Our Republic. Remember that in 2020.