Running Scared

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"Anybody have any ideas? I do - but they will not be popular. Stay tuned to this one folks. The drama and intrigue is only beginning."

Late this morning, I was out on my Deere doing some much needed and neglected grass cutting. I was listening to Glenn Beck on my headphones. His guest in during his 10:00 hour was Lara Logan, previously from CBS news. She is now a free lancer, and has been doing much reporting from down on our border. Her job, as she sees it, is to get ALL the stories which are happening down there. The MSM has been focused on the amnesty seekers; Lara has been focused on that, plus all the rest.
All the rest? What does that mean? It means the drugs. It means the trafficking. It means how the caravans, the human trafficking, and the drugs might have a common puppet master - and it ain't the Mexican government. Then who is it?
Recently, I read an article about the cartels in Mexico. How right now, they have grown so large, so powerful, so rich - they control 80% of Mexico. And the cartels, along with willing Alinsky type associates in the Left, have been behind the caravans. With the caravans comes total confusion and mayhem - just enough to let the real prize get across the border. The real prize? Sex, drugs and rock and roll, without the rock and roll.
Lara said this grip was so tight by the cartels, the trafficking has become worldwide. Wait a sec! How could they possibly afford to do so? Money from us. Or should I say, the US. The money we pay for drugs, which come up from Mexico. Some goes back to Mexico to fund the trafficking. Then the young ladies are smuggled in, have sex for money, and that money also goes back to Mexico. The - the beat goes on.
In walks the recently elected President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He has a choice to make. Acquiesce to President Trump (this business man from NYC), demands on stopping the pipeline of people, and risk the wrath and violence of the cartels, or - suck it up and take the 5% rising to 25% tariffs. Oh, where is President Obama when we need him!
Anybody have any ideas? I do - but they will not be popular. Stay tuned to this one folks. The drama and intrigue is only beginning.