“Open the borders!”

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"Want to see the southern border states turn into a poverty zone? An LA on steroids? Just open those borders. We are well on the way already."

Hold on! That is not me saying it! It is Congress! Remember them? That group of statists who are as useless as a screen door on a submarine? Yes, that the bunch. Meanwhile, on our southern border, where we have the biggest hot mess ever possible, Congress has done zip, nada, zero, to help fix it. The President, on the other hand, has tried every trick in the book, including some which are not in the book, to fix this festering problem. His biggest roadblock? Congress.
On June 10th, the President has promised Mexico he would slap a 5% tariff on all goods coming from Mexico (and increase 5% a month until it reaches 25%) to America unless Mexico steps up to the plate and helps out with this invasion of immigrants. It really is one the last arrows in his quiver, as everything else he has tried has been blunted by Congress or the courts.
This morning in the paper, it was reported that the Republican led Senate feel they have the votes to stop any additional tariffs on Mexico. Huh? Republicans? I thought they were suppose to be on the President's side. In any event, if the Republicans are successful, there goes the "carrot and the stick". Or should I just say the "stick".
Bottom line? Might was well just open up the borders. The Congress can't fix this; the Democrats need the votes form illegals coming in; the media hates Trump and will do anything to thwart him; the UN and the Vatican think it is moral for us not to have borders; and Mexico wants this immigration mess to be OUR problem. Open the southern borders, give the border patrol a few months off to recuperate, and then the above mention groups should be as happy as clams.
BTW - as we have been hearing on the news, it is not just the hundreds of thousands of illegals coming in. Even in the fair city of Minneapolis, the amount of drugs coming in is helping to cause more and more OD events. Is this what Congress wants for our people? The numbers of OD deaths keep going up every year. In 2017, we lost over 70,000 people from all ages, to drugs.
Plus, this will be the green light for gangs like MS-13 to stream across the border and come up to New York, New Jersey, California, Chicago, or wherever. Are we ready for that? And what about terrorists? Or people from Africa, coming out of an Ebola zone (yes, the Border Patrol has seen some of those). Then we can't forget the unfettered trafficking of young women and kids.
This is the most cocked up I have ever seen this country. It really is. Instead of helping this major problem, so many are blinded by hatred towards our President, they will ruin everything we have fought for just to spite him. Want to see the southern border states turn into a poverty zone? An LA on steroids? Just open those borders. We are well on the way already.