D-Day’s-75th-WW2-Significance-Bob Davis Podcast 838

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D-Day's-75th-WW2-Significance-Bob Davis Podcast 838

Highly Significant

I think World War Two might have been the most significant historic event in more than the last two hundred years. These days people don’t think or talk much about the second world war, but we’re living in the world created by it. Learn more in D-Day’s-75th-WW2-Significance-Bob Davis Podcast 838.

Father’s and Grandfather’s War

Like most kids growing up in the 70’s World War 2 was our father’s war. Our grandfather’s war. It was a significant us too, but we didn’t live it. They did.

Certainly World War 2 was historic in the sense that almost every American family has stories. Grandfathers and great grandfathers who served in the Army Air Force, the Marines, Army and Navy or Coast Guard. They fade a little more every year as does the war.

When Everything Changed

What’s most noteworthy is the fact that the structure of the world today is largely because of World War 2. Especially relevant in this podcast is the fact that the world that preceded the start of the war in 1939 is gone. The life Americans knew before the war, was obliterated by it. Learn more in D-Day’s-75th-WW2-Significance-Bob Davis Podcast 838.

Governments Run Amok

When I was growing up we’d go to the army surplus store in Hammond, Indiana and pick through the boots and jackets, and tanker goggles. We watched all the black and white movies like ‘The Longest Day‘, ‘The Sands of Iwo Jima‘, ‘They Were Expendable‘ and many others. Those movies all miss the mistakes our governments all made that got us into that war in the first place.

Gold Star Windows Up and Down the Block

I am old enough to remember the faded gold stars in the windows of the old ladies on the block, who’s sons never came home. Some were from the Korean and Vietnam wars, but many were still there from World War 2. A kid could tell, because they were the most faded.

How Could They Have Survived Omaha Beach?

In addition I am lucky enough to have been to Normandy and I have two takeaways. That hill is close to the water and steep, and I wonder how anyone could have survived crawling up it under fire the morning of June 6th, 1944.

They Didn’t Talk About It…They Did It

In conclusion we don’t think about the war that changed the world. Forever.

These days there’s a lot of talk about making the world a better place.

Those who fought that war, actually did.

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D-Day’s-75th-WW2-Significance-Bob Davis Podcast 838