Gun Grabbing 101

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"And of the thousands who die every year from gunshots, over 20% happen in urban areas of our large cities. What does the media say about that? Nada."

Just for the fun of it, let me start off this article with some statistics. Not enough to bore you, but enough to hopefully make a point. In the paper this morning, the lead article was about the gun grabbers, getting ready for the 2020 election. No quit in this group - unfortunately, not much common sense either. Why is that? Here we go!
According to Hey Jackass, believe it or not, a reputable source to get information on Chicago land violence, to date there have been almost 1,000 people shot with slightly over 200 being fatal. That is over double the amount of military who have been KIA in ALL combat zones since 2015. Any yet, year after year after year, the carnage in Chicago goes on. It is hard to believe that in a large American city, citizens are being gunned down by thugs using illegal guns. Can this be stopped. No, but using more aggressive policing ("broken window"), and "stop and frisk" would sure put a dent in this mayhem.
I love this next statistic, as it comes from a very improbable source. According to the anti-gun group Violence Policy Center, gun violence is committed by legal conceal and carry members is monitored. What did they find out? The annual average number of gunshot deaths in this group is slightly less than 100. With the number of conceal carry members (according to the GAO) to be about 8,000,000 in this country, that would put the number of gunshot deaths caused by conceal carry members to be about .0012%.
Get the picture? The percentage of legal conceal carry permit holders who kill someone with their gun is so small, it is like fly poop in the pepper. And yet, this is the crowd the gun grabbers always go for. They go for the NRA. The local gun clubs. Meanwhile in s**thole communities where crime is king, they do nothing. And of the thousands who die every year from gunshots, over 20% happen in urban areas of our large cities. What does the media say about that? Nada. Black Lives Matter? Again, crickets. Legal gun owners? They are decried by the Democrats and Lefties as villainous and evil.
I am not satisfied that about 94 legal conceal carry permit owners use their guns to kill every year. However, the statistics ring a bit hollow. How many of these 94 deaths were suicide? How many a negligent discharge? How many self protection from a person desiring to do harm? I know many conceal carry permit holders. All solid citizens and good patriots. This is not the group the gun grabbers need worry about.
One final thing before I close so I don't get hate mail. I know to step up policing in troubled areas where "stop and frisk" might be used, is violating our Fourth Amendment. I do wrestle with that. But the gun grabbers want to take away our Second Amendment, mostly because bad apples are allowed to carry and misuse illegal guns. As for me, I would have no problem with a law officer asking me if I was carrying. I would show my permit and answer the question truthfully. I am legal, careful and lawful.
Even with the facts on this issue being known but not reported, the beat will go on. Next legislative session this kabuki theater will continue. Meanwhile, the cost and size of government continues to grow. Fixing major problems in this state go unattended. But the gun grabbers will have the stage - again, and again, and again.