The dearth and death of California

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Who ruined California? The voters.

What a mess. Today on the national news, was a story about the growing tent cities which are springing up in LA. So much so, LA is starting to look like San Francisco. The city leaders of both of those cities would like to clean up this unsightly and dangerous situation, but (you will love this one) - the 9th Circuit will not allow them to do so. The tents, the filth, the defecation, the trash - must stay where it is. The fact the 9th Circuit is behind this hot mess, is nothing less than karma.
Mix in 3,000,000 illegal aliens, people with untreated mental illness, unchecked drug usage, and you have a toxic stew. How so? Both LA and San Francisco are now developing third world diseases on the streets. Like Plague and Typhoid Fever. Some of the cities have cops who have been infected with these dreaded diseases. My advise to those living in other states? Stay away from visiting there, and keep an eye on your own blue cities. They might be next.
With a population of just under 40,000,000 residents, California has the largest debt in the nation. It is one of the most heavily taxed states, with the highest income tax rate. Even with all that revenue, it continues to spend more than it takes in. By a lot. In short, California does not have the money to get into its major cities and really fix the problem - even if the 9th Circuit would allow them to do so. So the cities fester. And the people who can leave - are leaving the state - only to be replaced by more illegals.
Did I mention the bullet train? The $77B nightmare, which after spending billions to build part of it, is now abandoned. It was a "ready, fire, aim" type of typical bureaucratic fumble. Minnesota has seen fumbles like that on a much smaller scale with MNSure and MNLars. Putting incompetent people in charge of complicated projects awash with unlimited taxpayer money. Most of us have seen that movie many times.
Come on Bird! Lighten up! Say something nice about the once "Golden State". Like how about those beautiful national parks? Good question. Today in the paper was an article about the pollution in many of our national parks. Where were some of the most polluted parks? California. I am glad I visited them when I was younger.
We all know what happens to many of our blue cities after a while. They start to die. They become hollowed out. Now we are seeing what happens to blue states. States like New York, Illinois, and California. Tax the socks off the residents, elect statist idiots, and spend much more than you take in. Stir in some sanctuary BS, high welfare costs, and you are well on your way to dearth and then death.
Who ruined California? The voters. The elected Pat Brown (bad), then had the sense to elect Ronald Reagan who fixed some of the broken (very good), then Pete Wilson (RINO), the Terminator (worse than a RINO), Moonbeam (horrible), and now Newsome (Moonbeam on steroids). Throw in the fact the state government is almost all Leftie Democrats, and you have one hot mess.
Soon California will be the Mexico of the United States. A state rich in natural resources, but mired in poverty and crime. All because they loved the color blue much more than red. In the case of our politics, it really is better to be red than having your city or state become dead.