The Pelosi Kerfuffle

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"One problem. Because Nancy is almost 102, and been in Congress since FDR, she knows what the effect of a botched impeachment is."

Oh, just do it! Get it over with! The fat little guy wants to do it. So do most of the clowns who are running for President. Come on Nancy girl! Show some guts! The President is even ready for this ruse to play out. Start the impeachment proceedings so we can get on with the final act of the Democrat Party before it dissolves in nothingness. But - most of us out here in fly over land are anxious to find out what you are going to impeach the President on. At least with Slick Willie, we had proven lies, lies and more lies about sullying that intern and her blue dress. Let's go!
One problem. Because Nancy is almost 102, and been in Congress since FDR, she knows what the effect of a botched impeachment is. Heck, Slick Willie, who we had dead to rights, was impeached by the House and then passed over by the Senate. Once it was over, he continued to be President with a 7 point bump in his approval rating.
Let's play this out. Pelosi's House will lay out a convincing argument that Trump is guilty of beating Hillary in the last election. After all, this is what this has been about since the get go. Did the Russians meddle? Sure did. Did they favor Trump? Yep. And why? Because Putin hates Hillary for what Hillary tried to do to him when she was Obama's SOS. Putin really did not give a wit about Donald Trump - he just wanted Hillary to go down. And then the clown show followed. The one which tried to tie Trump and Putin together. Oh, that was great entertainment for the Kremlin.
Anyhow, so the House will impeach based on nothing, and then kick it over to the Senate for trial. There it will die a quick death, and FINALLY, the House can get back to the business of governing, rather than investigating. Or will it? Probably not. Losing the chance to have the President removed to office, will take their seething hatred up to a boil. They will subpoena everyone in the President's life, including his third grade teacher. Tax returns going back to when he was 25. Heck, they will probably even subpoena Barron to see if he ever skipped school.
Truthfully, the way Pelosi has run the House has been great for the Republican Party and terrible for the country. When the Republicans were in charge, they hit their share of potholes. But the Pelosi House has been a full on train wreck. It is embarrassing for other countries to see what a shambles our governance has become.
So, Ms. Nancy, if you are going to do the "I" word, do it quickly, The country has stuff to do. But you don't really care about that, do you. If you do, you hide it well.