The return of “Dr. No”

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"Remember this in November of 2020. We lose our Senate majority in the next election, then even having a 'Dr. No' in the Senate will not help us. Time for us to help ourselves."

A few years ago, and I can't exactly remember who did this (it might have been Rush), something very interesting happened. There was the usually wrangling in the United States Congress. The Democrats wanted to spend like drunken sailors, and the Republicans wanted some kind of fiscal restraint. It got so bad with the acrimonious name calling, that some conservative set up a fund on the internet. It was called the "I want to pay more taxes fund." It was felt since the Democrats thought we were not taxed enough, this would be a perfect chance for folks who wanted, to "pony up". After a few months the fund was closed down - with only $5,000 collected.
Why bring this up? This story never ends. Last night on Almanac, some of the top Dems and Republicans got together to debate the budget in front of the cameras. Ryan Winkler was very insistent that to save this state from fiscal ruin, we need more "investments". Oh, he did a great job in tugging at the heart strings (play # 1 from the Democrat play book). Our best state-wide "Dr. No" (Senator Roger Chamberlain), kept rebuffing these tales of woe with one short statement - "It will break the state".
Actually, to put an end to all this needless arguing about money, I like my solution the best. For example, when you get to the gas station, each pump will have two different settings to choose from. Those who feel compelled to put more money into our roads and bridges, can opt to pay an additional 20 cents a gallon. Those who believe Senator Gazelka, when he tells us we have plenty of money in our highway fund to cover all expenses, can pay the normal price per gallon. Let's see how that works!
Of course the Governor has weighed in numerous times. He cannot understand how the party of fiscal responsibility in the past, can be so irresponsible today. He just does not get it. In the mind of this carpetbagger from Nebraska, the minions of this state should be jumping for joy that someone has been elected to show us the promise land. Where we cannot only be one the highest taxed states in the union, we might just end up in the number one spot. However, there is one minor down side.
Back to one of my favorite Senators, Roger Chamberlain. "It will wreck the state". Yes Senator Chamberlain, it will. You are not so much a "Dr. No", as a Dr. "Reasonable". Seniors will continue to flee this state, as we continue to tax their Social Security. Businesses will flee across the border, as many close by states are not run by morons. And the high income earners will be looking for greener pastures - not bluer states.
I will say again. If not for three Republican Senators, the taxpayers in this state would be "screwed, blued and tattooed", as we would say in the Navy. Wisconsin and South Dakota would start looking like Florida, in that Florida has become a haven for the exodus of taxpayers from northeast blue states.
And if not for people like Roger Chamberlain and other patriots? What would happen to Minnesota? It would become hollowed out. A mecca for the continuing wave of immigrants from Northern Africa. There would be no money (as it would have left), lots and lots of welfare, and then fiscal ruin. This once great state, ruined by Democrat greed and stupidity.
And what about the return of "Dr. No"? Thank the Good Lord, is what I say. Remember this in November of 2020. We lose our Senate majority in the next election, then even having a "Dr. No" left in the Senate will not help us. Time for us to help ourselves.