Are these the “Days of Elijah”?

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"The biggest problem that many Christians have right now in this country is habitual sitting on the sidelines. In the Middle East and parts of Africa, it is open season on Christians."

Anybody else hear the Vice President's commencement address at Liberty University recently? It was not a "rah-rah" now that you have your degree, go out and change the world. No, he talked about faith. He talked about going out in this secular world. He told them they would be under attack for their faith in God. For their biblical beliefs. Even though Jesus predicted this 2,000 years ago, we are entering a period of time where Christians are fair game - even in this country.
There is a war going on right now. A war on Christianity. Nobody should be shocked when they read this - the evidence of this war is in the media on almost a daily basis.
In the past 20 years, the number of people who profess to be Christians in these United States has ranged between 75% and 85%. That includes people from devout church goers to "Christmas, Easter, and emergency" church attenders. So, if you identify with the 75% to 85% who profess to be Christians in the United States, this article if for you.
We might be very close to a real tipping point. There are more and more of the 15% to 25% who are not Christians (or Jewish) in this country, who would love to see God completely thrown out of the picture. Just the other day in Washington DC, Chairman Nadler was having a hearing in his committee. The Democrats on his committee refused to use "so help me God" when witnesses were being sworn in. When a Republican objected to not having God mentioned, Nadler dismissed his objection.
The biggest problem that many American Christians have right now is habitual sitting on the sidelines. In the Middle East and parts of Africa, it is open season on Christians. They are being slaughter in such numbers, you might as well call it genocide. In Europe, Christianity is all but being erased. Churches in France are being desecrated and/or burned, and the numbers of people who call themselves Christian, are dwindling. While this carnage is happening, most of us do little more than watch.
Years ago, I read a book about changing your diet. By the way, it had nothing to do with food. It had everything to do with what you read, what you watch, what you listen to, who you chum with, and how you talk. It is so easy in this secular world to start falling away. To let your faith wander, or start to dissolve.
Christians in name only, or "catatonic" Christians, can rediscover their faith roots by changing what they read (more of the Word), what they watch (more wholesome viewing), what you listen to (many good faith based stations to choose from), who you chum with (association with fellow believers allow "iron sharpening iron"), and how you talk (clean, uplifting, and edifying language).
A good friend of mine in another state gets together with other Christians on a weekly basis. Why? Besides some fellowship, they pray together. They pray for the safety of our troops, our first responder force, people who are hurting, or where ever the Spirit leads them. We need more of that - much, much more of that. Why? Besides changing our diet, we need to be paying sharp attention to what is going on locally, nationally, and internationally.
These might be the days for Christians to stand for God, just like Elijah did in the Bible. Some refer to these days as the "Days of Elijah", just for that reason. Changing our diet, paying attention are starters. God will help us with the rest.