Their Own Slimy Petard

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Some Minnesota Second Amendment activists – many of them misinformed by a fraudulent “gun rights” group – are upset that Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has left the door open to holding hearings on the Dems’ two gun grab bills, HF8 (the Universal Registration bill) and HF9 (Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders).

They’d like to see Gazelka just let the bills die in committee when they reach the Senate, assuming they pass the House (which they likely will. But. There’s gonna be a but. We’ll come back to that).

Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms notes:

First, the Senate is going to make the House vote on the bills, knowing that if it fails, they can’t be blamed. If it does pass, they’ve only agreed to let it be heard in committee, which doesn’t mean it’ll even make it to the floor for a vote.
Further, they’re making it clear that they’re also going to talk about some pro-gun legislation and Democrats who don’t like it can deal.
To be honest, I like it.
Now, I’m not thrilled with committees even hearing gun control legislation, but since that’s inevitable, the least we can do is watch pro-gun lawmakers make anti-gunners squirm.

And it’ll give the good guys a chance to descend on the capitol in biblical numbers, to melt the switchboards, and to show the legislators just how motivated Real Americans are – at least, on defense.

And most importantly, it gets peoples’ votes on the record. Because as much smack as the DFL talked about gun control swinging them the last election, polling shows that even among anti-gunners, outside the lunatic fringe at least, gun control was not an important issue to voters.

But it most certainly is to the good guys.

And the DFL doesn’t want those votes on record any more than US House Democrats wanted votes on the “Green New Deal” counted.

I’ve not always agreed with Gazelka on the gun issue – I think he played it waaaaaaaay too safe when the GOP had majorities in both chambers – but here, I think he’s playing chess while his critics are demanding loud, fast checkers.

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