Are we losing Fox News?

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"Fox News - this is your wake up call. Your base is very concerned right now you have discovered the path CNN took from greatness to PC hell."

Back in 1991, I was in the twilight of my Naval career. After Viet Nam was over, the world was for the most part peaceful, with the exception of some firefights are terrorism in the Middle East. However, most of that did not affect me, and I continued on with my Cold War mission.
Then came the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. George Bush (41), wanted no part of Saddam Hussein getting the oil wells of Kuwait by force. So started Desert Shield. It was the largest movement of troops this country had seen in many a year. How did we know what was going on? The king of cable news at that time, CNN, was all over the coverage. For news junkies, this was worse than crack. 24 X 7 pre-war coverage? And CNN had a polished former Marine who was doing the on-site, as well as anchor desk reporting. His name was Bernard Shaw, and he was excellent during that time.
From 1991 to present day, CNN went from Superman to super dud. Fox News, which came on the scene in 1996, was a huge gamble for the Fox Corporation. They hired Roger Ailes, and he had a vision. Before long, Fox was knocking at CNN's door. It was game on! Slowly, Fox News started to chip away at CNN's market share. Soon, it was Fox News who was the big dog, and CNN started to morph into a poor man's MSNBC. It was sad to see. CNN at one time was so very good.
But Roger Ailes is no longer in the picture at Fox. Bill O'Reilly, the cornerstone of night time news is gone. And the bite and bluster that Fox News had at one time, is slowing fading away. One of the bright spots Fox still has is Judge Jeanine Pirro.
However, as most of us know by now, the Judge is on suspension. Why? She called out our beloved Omar. Nothing racial - just factual. But in these days where Muslims are like balsa wood, one must tread lightly. In the former days of Fox News, the Judge's reporting would have been a plus up rather than a suspension.
My fear is this - we are in the twilight of Fox News as being a pillar of truth. A beacon of light. It has always been a safe harbor for those leaning Right. This "deep six" maneuver of the Judge over what she said about this embarrassment from CD 5 in Minnesota, was unforgivable. The Judge (as usual) was right on! Truthfully? Glenn Beck was just waiting for Fox to fire the Judge. He would have hired her in a heartbeat.
Fox News - this is your wake up call. Your base is very concerned right now you have discovered the path CNN took from greatness to PC hell. One more slip like you did with the Judge, and your base will be leaving in droves for blogs, pod casts, internet TV, or whatever. If we can't trust you anymore Fox, why have cable at all. Just saying...