Time to come from the shadows

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"It is time folks. If you have been in the shadows, this is the time to re-engage."

Someone asked me a few years ago, why the Left is always so vocal. Why they seem to be the ones out in the street, always protesting down by the capitol. Is it that our side does not believe or care as deeply as their side does? I mean, our side gets out on occasion, but it is not an every day event like it seems to be on the Left. I will first answer these questions with a very simplistic answer - that is not how we roll.
Well how do we "roll" then? First off, our side for the most part, practices civil obedience. We don't block freeways. We don't pound on cars. We don't break stuff. And we don't use all kinds of vulgar language when we practice our Constitutional right of peaceful assembly. Plus (gasp), dare I bring this up? Many on our side work. Work to pay the taxes which support many of the vociferous and unruly ones on the other side.
When did the Left start becoming so unhinged? Some think it was during the union riots in 1886. Others think in the 1930's around the time of the Great Depression. Myself, I think the "sea change" for the Left really started in 1968 during the Democrat National Convention in Chicago. That was a doozy. About wrecked the town. And - it established the Democrats for once and for all as the party of lawlessness. The party of taking it to the streets. Of being anti-cop.
Meanwhile, while folks on the Right have gone on with their lives, gone to work, raised families, attended church, and paid their taxes, the one moderate Left has been going through a dangerous metamorphoses. They have decided that absolute power is worth having, regardless of the cost. Regardless of what it does to the security of this great country. Regardless of who or whom we let vote in our elections. While folks on the Right have stayed in the shadows just living their lives, a cancer has been growing in the Left. A cancer which left unchecked, could kill this great republic.
Last election, many on our side were so disheartened, they did not vote. They stayed in the shadows. Others voted, but that was about it. Here is the reality as I see it today. The future belongs to the most committed. Even though the Left is as wrong as wrong can be, their side is staffed with legions of true believers. Come 2020, if our side stays in the shadows and their side stays fervent as they are now, we could lose the White House. We could lose the Senate. We might not be able to take back the House. In other words - we could lose the country.
The Left can smell blood now folks. This impossible dream, hatched by Bernie Sanders, AOC, Beto and host of other, that dream of turning us into a socialist utopia, might be within their reach. Even though we outnumber them, and have more cogent ideas on how this country should be run, that very vocal minority could win the day.
It is time folks. If you have been in the shadows, this is the time to re-engage. I have heard many folks much smarter than I say this over and over again - "If Hillary had won the White House, it would have been game over now." I totally agree with that statement. If we lose the White House in 2020 to one of these socialists or nut balls, it will be game over.