“Teach your children”

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"Here are the facts young ones. Our air is clean, and getting cleaner every year. Our water is clean. Socialism sucks, and it never works - period."

Back in the 60's (yes, I lived through them, and even remember part of them), there was a song by Crosby, Stills and Nash called Teach your children. Even though the song was somewhat counter-culture, I am going to steal the title for this article. Why? What happened yesterday, with this student walk out (skipping school), should be a wake up call for us. It was Exhibit "A" of all the garbage (instead of facts) that kids are absorbing in our government schools today.
First one minor point of personal history. When I was in high school in the 60's, if I skipped out on a day of class, there would be hell to pay. First, the school would have given me some kind of punishment. Maybe detention, maybe a day of suspension. Then at home, the real punishment would have set it. I could not even imagine what my parents would have done to me, but it would not have been pretty.
Anyhow, in today's "anything goes" attitude in our government schools, I am sure the students who skipped and ventured down to the capitol were "green lighted" by their progressive teachers. Once they arrived there, the reasons they gave for skipping school could have come straight out of the mouth of AOC. "We only have 11 more years to fix this before it is too late!" Or, "We need to implement the Green New Deal, now!" Or, one 13 year girl (that is middle school age) decided it would better for her "not to have kids". Why? Climate change.
When did our schools start teaching science fiction instead of science? I mean, for the love of Pete, what kind of lemmings are we turning out these days? No wonder the Democrats want sixteen year old kids to vote. Their heads are filled with mush. Not facts. Not figures. Mush.
One would think we lived in a city in China right now, where the air is so polluted, you can hardly see across the street. But we do not. Our air is very clean. So clean right now, the air inside a home is dirtier than the air outside. Let that sink in. When we do have an air quality alert in the Twin Cities, it is a rarity - not commonplace.
Here are the facts young ones. Our air is clean, and getting cleaner every year. Our water is clean. Socialism sucks, and it never works - period. In the next five years, we will have tens of thousands of new, electric cars buzzing around. Our houses are getting "smarter" and more energy efficient. This is the best, most prosperous country in the history of man. We invent things, we manufacture things to make not only our lives better, but people all over the world. Finally, thanks to our technology, hunger all but eliminated in this country. Plus, we are a bread basket for the world.
How do I finish this? With three messages.
Parents - teach your children. Don't rely on the schools, because it ain't happening anymore.
Teachers - start teaching and quit indoctrinating. We don't give a crap how you feel politically, we only care that you teach meaningful and true facts.
Students - sit your ass down and shut up. Your job is to learn. When you become adults, it will be your turn to drive the car. Until then, your only job is to learn.