Taxation is lazy government

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"We need to demand more from our government - regardless of political stripes. This is our money which is being WASTED. We need to say NO to more taxes. We need LESS TAXES to do more. We need NO TAX on Social Security."

A long time ago, I worked for a company which made widgets. I thought it odd when I signed on, as there was no job description nor job metrics. Then once a month, we had program reviews with the VP. First, Procurement would present. "Our costs keep going up on numerous components. Most of these are single or sole sourced items. We pass those costs on, so the cost of the end product keeps going up." The VP nodded his head and then asked for the QA manager to present.
"Our scrap, attrition, and re-work keeps going up, and we don't have a clue why. We also have no clue if we are getting better or worse, since we keep no records, nor use any metrics." "What ever", said the VP, and motioned for Engineering to speak. "Our current product has many problems, so product returns keep going up. To date, we have not issued a single change proposal to improve our product. Design Engineering has another golf outing today, since they have nothing to do."
Now we all know, no company in America would run like this. Maybe in a socialist country, but not here. HOWEVER (comma), this is EXACTLY the way our government works. No need to improve, wildly inefficient, and out of control costs. In the real world, even the most mediocre of all companies would figure out how to get better. Not our government - that is too much work. For government, what is the lazy way out of problems, the one which NEVER works? Raise taxes on the citizens. And the laziest man to come along for many decades - is "Tim the Taxer" Walz.
Take the gas tax. We are already paying more gas tax than the average state pays. We take in a ton of money with our overpriced license tabs. We have more than enough money to have (what Walz calls "a world class transportation system), so why do we need any more money? Laziness.
"Tim the Taxer" is hell bent of spending valuable transportation money on LRT. Remember those things? They are the trains which we all pay for, and 95% of us will never use. Plus, don't forget those POS bike paths, which also leach money from our transportation fund. But never mind all that - Timmy still wants an additional 20 cents per gallon of YOUR MONEY to waste. Pure laziness.
Education is another prime example. Every time we hear the term "free education", it is never free. Costs have just been shifted to the tax payer. Since costs in education always go up, therefore, so is their need for more money. Now "Tim the Taxer", instead of doing more with less (and there are miles of improvement which could be had) wants more money. To pour good money after bad. Meanwhile, this "former educator" continues to fail the kids in Minnesota. He is not preparing our kids for the future. He is a lazy SOB, who is now our Governor - and he is in charge of our education system.
There are so many more examples, I could go on all morning. Let me just say this - if any company in the civilized world ran like our state government, it would be out of business in less than a year. Should we not expect our state government to practice at least SOME improvement principles which would lower the cost of government? Instead of doing less for more, should we not be doing more for less?
Folks - I am not going tell you anything you don't already know. Taxation is the laziest of ways to run a government. Is taxation theft? Some think so. But it is laziness for sure. So then, what in government is not lazy? The New Republican Caucus for starters. They are not stuck in the status quo. They are change agents for sure. And this group of iconoclasts want a better and more affordable Minnesota.
We need to demand more from our government - regardless of political stripes. This is our money which is being WASTED. We need to say NO to more taxes. We need LESS TAXES to do more. We need NO TAX on Social Security. Make sure your Representative is on board with this. If not - get rid of him (or her).