Had you butt kicked as of late?

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"Anyhow, it is March now, and the next election is only 20 short months away. With the stakes being as high as they are, it will be interesting to see how the MN GOP responds."

Let's face it. No lipstick on the pig please. Only the unvarnished truth. In the last election, we lost the Congress. Not only lost it, but it went into the hands of some real nut balls. Don't believe me? Let me put Maxine Waters as exhibit "A" to that claim. And I could name a whole lot more.
In Minnesota, we really got taken to the cleaners. Every statewide office we lost. Lost to misfits like Tim Walz and Keith Ellison. We lost both Senate races - one to an abortionist. We lost CD 2 and CD 3. We did not pick up CD 7 (the most Republican part of the state), and we lost the House. We are hanging on by our fingertips right now, having only a very slim lead in the Senate.
2020 is looming right around the corner. What is our new strategy to win this time around? There are no contested statewide offices, but every House seat and Senate seat will be in play. If we can't retake the House and lose the Senate, it is the ball game. Tim the Taxer Walz will then have unfettered access to your wallet. Right now, it appears the only strategy we have to ensure that does not happen, is the Democrats suck more than we do. I might be mistaken, but I don't see much else in the works.
If we don't shake things up (like a whole bunch), my fear is we are going to walk the same path as in 2018. Here are some of my thoughts:
Leadership - This is nothing personal. When I was working on a very large proposal at a former company, the team worked tirelessly to get a win. Nobody worked harder than the Proposal Manager. Once we lost, this fine man who gave it his all, was shown the door. One day I asked one of the execs why this man had to go. "At this company we pay for results, not effort." We need an entirely new leadership team at MN GOP. Like I say - nothing personal.
Money - The party of big cigars and deep pockets became the party of parsimonious peasants in 2018. The Democrats out did us by a factor of 10 or better. If we can't re-energize the donor class in 2020, it will be a very rocky road to victory. Whatever the Democrats did, we need to not only imitate it, but emulate it as well.
Weed - I am not in favor of the legalization of recreational weed, but I am also a realist. More and more states are addressing this issue, and we need to also. If we say no to weed, I am afraid we might lose the underpinnings of some of our younger members, as well as the youth in the general population.
Message - Our message is solid - not sexy, put solid. I know, I know - it is hard to compete with Santa Clause. But our message should not change, other than to shine it up a bit. Democrats sell lies - we sell opportunity.
Taxes - Now that more and more national publications are pointing out that Minnesota is either in the top tier, or the number one tax unfriendly state, we need to hammer that issue home to the general population. Tax and spend is cool if it is others who are getting stuck with it. People need to know all the negative consequences of living in a high tax state. And older folks in either party should want their Social Security tax free.
Illegal Immigration - Some may want to duck and cover on this issue, but when you get out of the metro, this is a huge issue. Like a red hot issue. We need to stay in favor of legal immigration and dead set against illegal immigration. Period.
Anyhow, it is March now, and the next election is only 20 short months away. With the stakes being as high as they are, it will be interesting to see how the MN GOP responds. I am sure most of us remember what the definition of insanity is. Let's hope MN GOP does also.