Portrait Of A Narcissist

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Jake Patterson – accused kidnapper of Jayme Closs and killer of Closs’ parents – wrote a letter to a KARE reporter claiming he was planning to plead guilty.

To be, apparently, the good guy:

Patterson expressed concern for Closs and her family several times in the letter. Asked about his legal strategy in the case, Patterson wrote that he planned to “plead guilty,” saying he didn’t want Closs or her relatives to have “to worry about a trial.” He also wrote that he confessed in part “so [authorities] didn’t have to interview Jayme. They did anyways and hurt her more for no reason.”

Darn those abusive cops, messing with my sense of charity and compassion.

Patterson also wrote about feeling “huge amounts” of remorse.

“I can’t believe I did this,” he wrote. Later, Patterson added: “It was really stupid though looking back.”

I’d pick “evil” for my adjective.

It is, apparently, all about him:

He disputed telling officials that he planned the attack “thoroughly,” claiming cops only attributed that to him “to cover up their mistakes.” Instead, he wrote that he acted on “impulse” — “I don’t think like a serial killer.” Patterson also assumed he would get caught, though he “thought [it] would happen a lot sooner.”

“I followed [news of the kidnapping] through my phone. If something popped up on TV about it, I would change the channel,” he wrote. [I] Would tell Jayme ‘I’m sorry, I can’t watch this.’ IDK what she knew.”

I oppose the death penalty for precisely one reason – the inevitability of executing the innocent – but there were times the order of my opposition dims a bit. This would be one of them.

Still, Wisconsin has no death penalty, so it’s irrrelevant. With that in mind, I hope psychologists and psychiatrists – the competent ones, if any can be found – have a good long time to analyze Patterson’s mind, and brain, before someone shanks him.

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