“I’m just askin’ y’all to give a damn.”

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Rev. Tim Christopher pulled no punches Wednesday evening when testifying before the Minnesota House Judiciary Committee regarding "gun control" bills (House Files 8 & 9).

One of many truth bombs launched toward the gun grabbers on the committee:

See, we can sit here all night and come up with statistics. But when I get a call from a mother looking for her 16-year old daughter and I gotta go on James Avenue to a drug house and everybody in there got guns bigger than my gun, we gotta problem. But it's not your problem. See, y'all wanna sit here and y'all wanna come up with all these data and all these statistics, I'm livin' real life everyday down there.

That's why the anti gunners wearing their dreamsicle colored t-shirts when protesting gun violence never go where the violence is pervasive. Classic symbolism over substance.

Anyhow, watch Rev. Christopher lay the smackdown.