Minnesota’s Newest Meatheads

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"Rush always talks about how in the past the Democrats would hide behind some kind of mask. Never let their true intentions show. He then told us in 2018, for the first time ever, the mask came off."

I never thought Minnesota could stoop so low, as to elect people who would make Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison look almost normal. But we have. We outdid ourselves in this last election. Somehow, we scraped the bottom of the talent barrel to end up with two certified meatheads. These two folks are beyond clueless. In fact, one might even be an enemy of the state.
Let me address our new Governor first. You know, the carpetbagger from Nebraska. Rumor has it he was a high school teacher prior to going into politics. Whatever he taught, I sure hope it was not science, because when it comes to science, this man does not know a dit from a "duh!". Let me throw economics in there also. Anyhow, the Governor's latest brain out-gassing, was to mandate by 2050, Minnesota would get 100% of its electricity from windmills and solar panels. Not exactly a Mensa statement when we are still sitting in the middle of another polar vortex.
Unless Walz knows of some alien technology the government is keeping under wraps, this idea is a prescription for disaster. He will be signing Minnesota up for having brownouts and blackouts during the harshest of weather. 100% solar and wind? In 30 years? In Minnesota? Never happen. The technology will be not be ready yet.
Let's face facts folks. Governor "Rocks and Cows" also has rocks in his socks. And in his head. Even the local paper admitted if we did not have every ounce of fuel reserve we had during our last real tough vortex, some folks might have froze. Like in froze to death. But enough about him this morning.
Our other national embarrassment is the gift who keeps on giving - to our President. Whenever either AOC or Omar opens their mouths, Trumps poll numbers go up. How unpopular is Omar right now (that is, outside of Cedar Riverside)? The President can't stand her, the Republicans can't stand her, and now the Democrats are wishing she would just go away. Why? She is a Jew hater. And Israel hater. Maybe even an American hater. Then how in the world could we have let someone like this into the United States Congress? It is called PC, stupidity, and massive voter ignorance.
This morning on the national news, once again Omar was item number one in the headlines. When people outside of Minnesota talk about her, they are mystified how she got to where she is. Like, what is wrong with Minnesota? Her racism is so blatant, she does not even try to mask it. At least with AOC, it is just stupidity. With Omar, it is stupidity and hatred. Plus we have this unsolved issue about (alleged) immigration fraud which this state is afraid to address.
Do you want the good news? There is none. The bad news is in her community, she can run term after term and keep getting re-elected by large majority. All that thanks to Barack Obama and his refugee resettlement program.
Minnesota is sure not what it once was. Yes, the DFL party has been strong in this state for years, but that is back when we had more "normal" Democrats. Now we have wingnuts. I am not sure where this will all end up. If more and more of the normal folks are going to move out of CD 5 (which Omar represents), or if statewide, more normal folks with money are just going to leave the state before Walz makes them paupers.
Rush always talks about how in the past the Democrats would hide behind some kind of mask. Never let their true intentions show. He then told us in 2018, for the first time ever, the mask came off. Now we can see this evil stupidity for what it is. America hating. Baby killing. Economy wrecking. And that is just a start.