“Jesus wept”

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"For many years now, I have felt that every time an innocent fetus is killed, Jesus weeps. Every life has been planned by God - it is right in scripture."

It is the shortest verse in the Holy Bible. John, Chapter 11, Verse 35. I think of that verse often. Especially when it comes to (get ready, this is going to hurt) - abortion. Yes folks, this morning I am calling out my fellow Christians. It does not matter which denomination - I am calling you out. For way too long, Christians have sat on the sidelines and watched the secular humanists rip our nation apart with the most evil things. And the most evil of all, is the killing of our unborn.
This Wednesday starts Ash Wednesday. Good. This is the appropriate time to hammer this message home. But before I really start, one very interesting statistic needs to be brought to bear. Did you know that abortions within the Muslim community are very, very rare? That is because Muslims look at a woman's womb, when holding a child, as being like a holy place. We, on the other hand, are racing head first into allowing abortion right up to the moment of infanticide.
If you call yourself a Christian, a follower of Christ, and are pro-choice, this might make you uncomfortable. That is the plan. You should be. One of the most poignant bumper stickers I have seen in quite a while had a simple message on it. "You can't be Catholic and also pro-choice". Bingo! I would have changed one word however - "Christian" for "Catholic". Speaking of the Catholics however - hats off to them! While many denominations within the Christian faith have become deaf, dumb and blind on the abortion issue, many Catholics are leading the charge against it.
If your church is not preaching about the horrible sin of abortion, ask your pastor why not. According to Bing, there are 240 million Christians living in the United States. That is about 75% of the current population of our county. So what is the problem? Since we so outnumber the secular humanists, how has abortion been allowed to gain this much traction? Since Roe v. Wade passed in 1973, tens of millions of the unborn have been killed. How could we, as a Christian nation, have let that happen? How can we still?
For many years now, I have felt that every time an innocent fetus is killed, Jesus weeps. Every life has been planned by God - it is right in scripture. Some talk about the evil doing of the abortionist. Yes, they are correct in that fact. But sometimes being silent and allowing evil to happen in broad daylight, shines the light of guilt on all of us.
We cannot be silent any longer. If we could go back in time fifty years, and tell people in our time we abort babies right up to the time of delivery, they would not believe it. No society could be that cruel. Look in the mirror folks. We are there right now. And law makers, many of whom profess to be Christians, are siding with the secular humanists in allowing this to happen.
The evil is so blatant, so horrendous, a reckoning might be in store for America. We need to turn from this sin, and do it now. Law makers who side with secular humanists need to be recalled, impeached or voted out. Churches need to hold their members accountable. We are a better country than this folks. At least we once were.