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The invaluable Richard Fernandez on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's fever dream:

But even if money were no object the total commitment required by the Green New Deal incurs the opportunity cost of not pursuing an alternative strategy based on cheaper energy and climate adaptation -- or even doing nothing. The Green New Deal for example rules out clean nuclear power. It can brook no rivals because solving Global Warming requires every resource we can muster. If we spend trillions on the GND we've no money left for anything else if it bombs.
Organisms in nature typically undertake multiple parallel strategems in order to survive. "The Red Queen hypothesis, also referred to as Red Queen's, Red Queen's race or the Red Queen effect, is an evolutionary hypothesis which proposes that organisms must constantly adapt, evolve, and proliferate not merely to gain reproductive advantage, but also simply to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing organisms in a constantly changing environment.
Nature attacks and defends on many fronts. But a giant ideological bureaucracy can do what Darwin can't: embark on a single strategy to the exclusion of all else. Nature hedges its bets but only socialism can bet the farm.

When I was AOC's age, I was pretty certain about many things, but in the 25 or so years that have followed, I've been disabused of many notions. The World Wide Web was, in 1993, still in its infancy. Amazon, the company that has essentially taken over vast sector of retailing in this country, had not yet opened its portal, so to speak. The term "brick and mortar," to the extent was a term, was not a pejorative. I was working for a large retail organization then and hardly anyone there could have envisioned what has come to pass since then.

Perhaps events will unfold as AOC envisions. But are you willing to sign up for her vision?