A father wound?

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"Some might ask, are all Democrats lemons these days? Not a bit. But the more normal ones are no longer electable by the Left."

Years ago, I attended a men's ministry event. It was followed up by a morning class with other men at the church I attended. The purpose of this event, and the course which followed, was to allow us guys to "unpack". To find out any impediments which were keeping us from being the type of man God intended us to be. It was a good course, revealing course, healing course, and sometimes - damned uncomfortable course.
One of the modules dealt with "Mother Wounds". Oh boy - did many of us guys have some of those! Then once we were done with that module, we moved on to the real tough one - "Father Wounds". Ouch. Yes - most, if not all, had some of those. Studies have shown that wounds suffered by our Dads which never were reconciled, led to problems in relationships as we became men, fathers, husbands, friends.
Reading about our senior Senator, (Amy K.), I start to think back on those "Father Wounds". Anyone who knows the history of Amy's famous (and sometimes infamous) Father, knows those wounds probably run deep. How Amy responds to people who work for her, show she responds to the other party in Washington, even how she responds to her constituents, gives me pause to think. I wonder, have her wounds ever been addressed? At her age, with her ego, that probably will never happen. And because of that, we have a terribly flawed person representing us as our senior Senator. Plus - she is now running for President - baggage and all.
Some might think I have antipathy towards this woman. I don't. In fact, I don't know her. Never met her. I did walk by her at the State Fair a few years ago in the early morning when the crowds were sparse. I greeter her politely. She was talking to an aid and just walked on by. The bad part of me was tempted to call her out. Like Ratso would in the movie Midnight Cowboy. "Hey! I am talking to you!" But I did not.
I do know the man quite well who ran against Amy in the last election. Jim Newberger is just the opposite when it comes to dealing with people. Kind, considerate, a listener. But he did not have the statewide name recognition that Amy has. Even with the wounds, her Dad's name recognition has done wonders for her. So, Jim got creamed in the general by an inferior candidate. A candidate who does NOT know how to treat people. One who votes for every abortion bill which comes to the Senate - including the recent Ben Sass "Infanticide Bill". Is this the "Father Wound" showing its ugly colors? Or just the new socialist mantra. I simply don't know.
However, the big problem we have in Minnesota is too many "blue pill" Democrats. Candidates like Franken or Klobuchar or Smith - are all flawed. I won't even go into Omar. She is beyond flawed. But Democrats vote for these flawed types in droves. The days of having quality Democrats like Hubert Humphrey are long over. We have had the lemonade, now we are stuck with the lemons.
No warning here folks. The damage is already done. We are stuck with Amy for six more years. Even if she gives up her Senate seat to run for President, Tim Walz (another puppet), will pick a lemon to fill her seat. Some might ask, "Are all Democrats lemons these days?" Not a bit. But the more normal ones, are no longer electable by the Left.