Behold! The cold hearted orb of socialism…

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"It is time to wake up and realize we are being treated like frogs in slowly boiling water. What was unthinkable in our great country fifty years ago, is now the new norm for the socialists on the Left."

Some of us oldies remember the unforgettable lyrics from the Moody Blues, Days of Future Past album. Specifically from the opening song, The Day Begins. The lyrics go like this:

Cold hearted orb that rules the night

Removes the colors from our sight

Red is gray and yellow white

But we decide which is right

And which is an illusion

Okay - what in the world does a fifty year old rock and roll song have to do with today's politics? Take the above lyrics, in the fourth line, and assume the word "we" does not refer to the people, but rather the socialists in our government instead. Think about that for just a second. The government, whether it be our federal or state government, is now asking you to believe in the past what was unthinkable. Yes, our government, which is turning to socialism, has become the "cold hearted orb that rules the night".
Like how? For starters, we have gone from a society which treats our young like our "seed corn", to the socialists telling us it is okay to kill them. Kill them up to, and shortly after birth. What was infanticide is now considered legal abortion. Red is gray and yellow white.
Get the picture? If we could travel back in time, say about fifty years or so, and tell people this would be the law in some states in 2019, they would simply not believe it. The good people of that era would think you were a nut case. They would think this could NEVER happen, not in a million years. But it is - thanks to the "cold hearted orb" of socialism.
How about an America where everything is considered a "right"? The right of free education, free healthcare, equal income, the right not to work if you choose not too (and still get paid), and so forth. In return for those government granted rights, we in turn give the government most of our money via taxes, and then the government can can tell us what to eat, how to live, and how to get around. Fifty years ago, people would have thought you read too much Huxley or Orwell. Today, not so much. The socialists are giving us the New Green Deal. How can they do that? What right do they have to do so? Because "they decide which is right" - not us.
It is time to wake up and realize we are being treated like frogs in slowly boiling water. What was unthinkable in this great country fifty years ago, is now the new norm. That is, according to the socialists on the Left. Be warned however - if we sleep through this transition, we will wake up living in a Brave New World. It will not be a dream - it will be a nightmare.
The "cold hearted orb" of socialism is truly trying to remove the colors from our sight. The enemy is no longer at the gate, they are in the gate. And they have government voting cards. Don't be fooled by these new charlatans folks. Red is still red, and gray is still gray. No matter what colors the "cold hearted orb" of these socialists tells us they are.