How I Spent My Saturday

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About 1,000 of my closest friends turned out for the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus’ “2019 Rally To Protect The 2nd Amendment” on Saturday.

Photo by Sarah Cade, Cade Imaging
Photo by Sarah Cade, Cade Imaging

Bear in mind – the weather on Saturday was inclement at best. I think the good guys expected half this number for turnout.

Compare this to “Protect” Minnesota’s turnout on a beautiful day a few weeks back:

Photo – Rob Doar

The comparison is inescapable – Second Amendment Civil Rights activists are real people, motivated by their real passion for securing civil liberty for all Americans; gun control activists are uninformed dupes of plutocrats who seek to enslave Real Americans.

Go ahead, Ryan Winkler. Bring those bills to the floor. I dare you.