The great Minnesota gun fiasco

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"What do I want at the end of the day? Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry. That is it. No more Infringement Laws"

Ah, ha! I knew that headline would garner some attention! Like I was some kind of later day gun hater. On the contrary, I love my guns. I love all law abiding gun owners. I am a life member of (dare I say it?), the NRA. Then what in the Sam Hill am I talking about when I way "gun fiasco" in Minnesota? Stay tuned - this might get interesting.
Never in most of our lives, has this issue become more important. Like, the republic is at stake important. And guess what? Instead of being united in this struggle against the "gun grabbers" in St. Paul, the three gun organizations (two local and one national), treat each other more like competitors more than like allies. Truth.
I have been a member of the NRA for years now. About five years ago, I became a life member. Even though some in this state have disdain for the NRA, I feel they do some good work for gun owners. Perfect? Not quite, but there is always room for improvement. But our two local gun groups (and I must confess, I have not met the current leaders of either of these two groups) are anything but allied. Why is that? Beats me. I know the Lefties are allied to disarm us. Then why we are not allied to stop them? That puzzles me.
There was a gun rally in St. Paul today. At our BPOU convention, I asked someone, "why another rally?" Did we not just have one a few weeks ago? The answer was yes, but "those were the other guys". Well, I watched the rally on the internet with "the other guys", and it appeared to be well attended. As was the one today. If the two were held at the same time, would that not send twice the message? Just asking.
This is no time for family bickering. If there are issues - resolve them. We need both local gun clubs, as well as the NRA, to be united in Minnesota to beat the gun grabbers. Do I have a dog in this fight? Not a bit. Like I said, I am a life member of NRA. I do not belong to either of the two local gun clubs. I wish them both well, and to GET ALONG with each other. If they ever did unite, I would probably join.
What do I want at the end of the day? Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry. That is it. No more Infringement Laws, just the two laws which I mentioned. But for crying in the beer folks - we need to forgive and forget, love each other as patriots, and then unite to beat the worst gun grabbers in recent state history. If we don't, we will just be fodder on their victory plates. And we can kiss our guns, our freedoms, good-bye.