Useless Idiots

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"I am seriously at the point right now where I want to deport every useless idiot. Send them to someplace far, far away. They don't deserve to live in this great country."

I know, I know. The term that Lenin (allegedly) used many years ago to describe the lemmings on the Left, was "Useful Idiots". At least with that group, there was a shred (not much, just a shred) of intelligence and patriotism, although very misguided. With the current crop of idiots we have today, I cannot detect ANY patriotism - in fact many have antipathy towards this great country. And as far as intelligence is concerned, let me just answer that question with three letters - A O C.
One of my good friends had a frightening meme posted yesterday. "Nationally, we are one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full term abortion." Reading this meme slowly and carefully, you can see each of these has recently been discussed by the idiots on the Left. How real is this threat? About as real as snow in February in Minnesota.
Many of the pundits who I have watched and/or listened to are simply at a loss for words to describe this bunch. More importantly, how they got to where they are. How they could have so much disdain for this country which has given them so much in their lives. The stupidity, I guess I can understand. Most were educated in our failing government schools. They spent 12 plus years being indoctrinated instead of educated. But this visceral hatred for America? Did they learn that in school also? If not, where in the world did it come from?
Yesterday, one lunatic nut ball representative in Oregon, stated she wants to put forth a bill allowing sixteen year old kids to vote. Huh? Many eighteen year old kids cannot find their butt with both hands - and we are allowing them to vote. That is part of the problem. Another part is when some immigrants or refugees come to America, the Left promises a boatload of "free stuff". The Right only promises opportunity to succeed. So, the newcomers vote for Santa Clause in record numbers. That is another part of the problem.
Our great country is great, because great people did great things to make it so. It can easily become an ordinary country, or even a broken country if the great people are out numbered by the grifters. And this race to socialism by the idiots - are they flipping crazy? Didn't they learn anything from studying history? Oh - that's right. Schools don't teach real history anymore. They only teach sunshine, lolly pops and unicorns instead of real history. If they had learned real history, they would know socialism is a death sentence for a country. We should be running 100 mph AWAY from socialism, not embracing it.
I am seriously at the point right now where I want to deport every one of these useless idiots. Send them to someplace far, far away. They don't deserve to live in this great country. Some just want to sit back and let the useless idiots run their race. It will be fine in the end. Will it? I don't think so.
I really want the story of the Great American Experiment to continue. I want this for my grand kids. I shudder in fear that we might be living in the final chapter of that great book. Our Founders could foresee many dangers to this great republic, but I don't think they could have envisioned our new crop of America hating idiots. Not ever.